Today I'm Okay, I Don't Care About Tmrw.

Why does it constantly rain here?!?!?! jesus.

I cannot wait to head off to college, but there's so much crap I have to fill out before I get there -_-.

I'M A FREE BIRD. I mean it, I am how I am for a reason. I hate labels and all of that lovey-dovey let's spend every waking moment together crap, I need my space, and for god sack we're two individuals, not ONE. Sorry if that quality isn't relationship friendly enough.
I mean I don't mind having someone that's gunna be there, but I don't mind walking alone either. Is it wrong to not get attached easily? hellll no I say, but then again I know and understand that being attached and dependent are two, COMPLETELY different things.
I hate feeling dependent, except when it comes to reciprocating emotions, bah now I'm rambling.

Dude, remember Drew Carey!!! Cleavland rocks, OHIO!!!! haha

Speaking of Drew's, this one was much cooler when she wasn't sober.

Bill Cosby!!!! made of...JELLO SHOTS!!! hahah that's great.

I like her new cut, I wish I had balls, then I'd cut my hair short too. sadface. I plan on getting it cut once classes start.

So while at the KLoop party, my friend Hannah and I saw an incredibly hot woman, smoking hot.
These sisters are up there too I guess. ; )

Dominic Jones Jewelry, their lookbook is SMOKING.

I really like the concept of this clock, but I'd be late to everything, more than I already am.

This calender is fucking awesomecooldoperadbanginpoppinfirecrackamazing.
each day absorbs more ink until the month is over, and each season transitions through colors like purple blue green/cool colors for fall ...bah GENIUS baby, pure.

uh....I foreshadow this becoming a bad fucking idea.

Once it gets hot enough I'm going to do this, yes those are cookies, yes they're baking in a car.

for all of those who think they can walk in heels, feast your eyes on thisssss

So the site Why the fuck do you have a kid has become a new favorite for me. enjoy.

Ciao brown cow!
oh yeah...

tee hee that rhymes yo`