welcome back, you know you like that.

Howdy yall, yeah I'm back from my trips haha.
I spent the fourth with the famalam, down in North Carolina, it was a good time, I got to see some family that I haven't kicked it with in over 5 years, time flies. It seems like just yesterday they were looking up to me for advice, now I'm looking up at them so they can pass me the mac n' cheese <--- my fav. enough reminiscing yo`

oh yeah by the way most of the photos are of food, because we Lee's love to eat.

this cupcake place had fucking SWINGS!!!!!!!!

Sandra went a little crazy, just a little though.

this was the hugest burrito I have ever freaken seen, ever.

dude this place made icecream from SCRATCH legit in about ten minutes it was insane, they used liquid nitro.

swanky ass hotel. we were elite members, loveeeee it.


we have a cousin Justin, he's awesome, enough said. This made us instantaneously think of him.

so we were told to eat a this place, and at first we were a little skeptical, but after we saw this sign, we knew it was a match made in heaven. I mean HOT ASIAN BUNS, how can you go wrong. That's right, you can't.

goingggg somewhere??

I love her expression.

HALF PRICED SUSHI........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

uh so thai iced tea is the fucking shit.

fuck yeah.

best inequality I've seen in years.

free slurpee day! I can't believe I remembered!

this icecream was BOMB.

one of the biggest whole foods in the WORLD.

look at their bakery, I'll post moreeeee amazing-ness laters.


oh hey Abe!


Happy Birthday Jess!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love youuuuuuuuuuu

I love this pictureeeeeeeeeeeee

Ledge, more food, birthday, beach?

open bar what??

If you wanna look at the whole album, you can check it out on FB.

I was in Chi-city for this!!!!! no wonder there were so many people there that night lol

I love the dancing in this video, not to mention the melody is hawt.
her body.....is that even humanly possible ? haha


I need me one a demz right dehya =)

You know I love cool stuffs, these salt and pepper shakers are awesome!

oooo quilty!

they're coming.....

JB wth?!?!?! can you please stop releasing ugly footwear, kthxbai.


AUTOCUPCAKES, ROLL OUT! me likey this shirt.

gold dipped.....shoes?!?!?!? jesus.

duuuudeeeeee, this is sick

The only thing this purse says, is that I'm a mother-loving baddasssssss

I need to fill my room with lights like these.

Hell yeah baby!!!!!!!! PCs strike back!
this fall microsoft will be opening stores right NEXT to apple , gotta love it.

These knives are siick, yes KNIVESSSSSSS

they're made of ceramic and are razor sharp


I'd be more inclined to do the cooking, if the utensils were all this cool.

oh hai

someone's angry

she looks much better with short hair.


I'm in love with this look: the "Does it look like I give a flying fuck?" look

tee hee, if I had a camera, you best believe I'd put this strap on it

Jimmy Choo, please DO ME, that is all.

don't taze me BRO!!! lmfao

wtf is wrongggg with youuuuuu, this guy decided that it'd be a good idea to tattoo his eyeball ..... blue.....SMFH [shaking my fucking head] , in disapprove.

and if ya like what ya see, turn off ya tv, and DO IT <--- from memory bitches I know ya watched it, Keiko's the besttt


badeeebadeeebadee, that's all folks!

oh yeah pics from last night. courtesy of Hco. of course with her loveellyyyyy new camera.