tat, tat, tat it up.

Some people I know got tattoos, they're such BAMFS.
bad ass mother fuckers.

yeah so I may or may not be related to him...

these are sickk.

if I were to get a tattoo here's where:

I'm not really into them, cuz there's nothing I would want permanently on my body, but hey maybe that'll change one day.

oh and these heels are nice

Okay for all those guys that are baffled on why the hell us girls need to go the bathroom together here's your answer.


are either......

a) going to the FUCKING bathroom dammit, we have to pee to, sorry we have to go at the same time, or were too chicken to go but really secretly had to go, and were waiting for someone to initiate it because we didn't wanna hurt your feelings [YOU'RE BORING, AND WE NEED A FRIGGIN BREAK]

b) freshen up: the majority of us don't just WAKE UP like this, there's time and stuff involved, and we need to make sure we look just right, it's a girl thing.

or 3<--- yes 3 is now a letter: gossiping about your punkass, do you look good in blue? are you an okay guy? should we suddenly feel "sick"? should we suddenly get a phone call?

then there are the BAD GIRLS.

who are ....

1) peeing. hey, bad girls have to pee too

b) <--- haha putting on more makeup/changing their wardrobe, removing clothing. Fixing the girls ( . Y . )

or drinking to make YOU seem more appealing, face it, it's for your benefit.
drugs? you're just not enough to keep her sober, sorry?

Hook-up with someone...it might me you...but I doubt it if she's doing drugs in there.

Gossiping/Trash-talking: about you/other girls.

and there ya have it, what the hell goes on in the bathroom and why we go in numbers.
cuz I mean we need reassurance that we look hot from the same sex. :o)

one last thing.

"I been Urkel for some years, it's betta being Jaleel".
damnnnn straight.