keep it raw

heyhey youyou!

imagine waking up to find this in your cup: yeah I'd laugh too !

oooooooo me likey

I would so use this in real life. IRL. not really sure how the hell it works but it would make walking easier: I wouldn't have to tee hee!

You can make allll those cakes you wanted to make me now mom ;) haha

seriously though. get to it.


I had one but it's brokey =( I still use it tho!

holy shit. idk what it is about hot cars that compels me to bring out my inner guy but...damn

will the owner of this car please DO ME.
that is all.

why is the new-new thing to shave your head? please tell me, because I like my hair =)

sexyface. ON.

okay now this is just GROSS.

I love these shirts!!!

okay so if this was my job, I'd probably commit suicide. I hate routine.
Maybe that's why seriously relationships never sit well with me... meh anyways

not really a big fan though, sorry mighty crown.

I DO however, loveeeee love love this dress.

by the way it's not raining GO OUTSIDE FOOLS.

I'm outty, keep it raw.
that's my new phrase. ^