To those who constantly over think things....fucking stop.
Take your neuroses and your goddamn high horse and shove it. I hope you choke on your side of he said-she said, k thx.
and if this has made you laugh, then you're part of the solution ;)

I recently saw The Ugly Truth, it was a good predictable movie none the less. Filled with a sappy story-line and a few laughs. If Gerard wasn't involved....all I gotta say.
I like you better blondeeee

Me gusta.

Tron Legacy. 2010. in case you haven't seen it somewhere else yet.

Tron Bizike

I really like these headphones, which are available at kloop I believe.

I freaken love this set. By Athony Hibbert

Art, the medium used is paper.

dudeeee this guy scaled a building with.....drum roll please.....VACUUM GLOVES
idk when they'd come in handy<--- haha kibmadeafunny. but hey!

hoodieshoodieshoodies.love love love.themthemthem.all.

tee hee this one too!

uhh stop being a pansy?

I have a strong affinity towards this divorce-cake.

the dead groom is Travis Barker.
and apparently divorce parties are all the rage in hollywood.

it's been a month without you.

gahhhh you fashionista YOU!!!!!!


So I attended Sneaker Pimps 2009. At the House of Blues.
The Clipse was in the building.

in all honesty, for those who didn't attend [kris], you didn't miss much at all. Especially if you're someone who wears a small shoe size. It was filled with low-ballers and kids who charge an arm and a leg for a few pieces of leather and some string. On the bright side, there were some great people there and some memorable displays. Didn't buy/sell/trade anything but I'm alright with that.
the night could be summed up by one question, and one question alone:



evening fellas

my favorite colorway out of the 3.

it's so nice to finallllly meet them: lovebirds.

nice hat<--- origin unknown.


while this was going on I missed bowling with sums and the gang ...booooo
I was also informed that


keep it raw.