I Never Knew A Love....

I cannot wait for people to get home from trips, and to spend time with people who are closest to me before we all part and go our separate ways. I feel that although we're only gunna be separated by a few miles, whether it be a few hundred or a few thousand, we're light years apart. I know we'll be in close contact, but I'm ready for a fresh start, a new change and a new beginning.

Maybe I should invest in a watch, that way I can be on time to allllll my classes ;) winkwink

this watch is dooooope. hands down <--- hehe.

f21 you are genuis.

I'd so buy it.

so apparently Kanye West believes that since MJ is gone [rest his soul] he should be crowned the new KING OF POP, HA!!!!! you funny bastard.

I wish I was a skilled sand castle builder...but I haven't quite mastered the right sand to water ratios. ):

this campaign is sexy personified.

wear this if you want the key to my heart (o:3

that green tickles my insides.

welcome to the spaceJAM. alright-right-right-right.

Miss Patrick is a new model for Supreme, and I mean who could blame them for choosing her?

before the water

uhhhhhh....... I'M ON A BOATYACHT MOTHA-

apparently it costs nearly 1.4 million to fill with gas.......I don't even want to think about the price tag. [150 ....EUROS, that's right plu-ral]then again there are three pools .....

this is siiick.

apparently he thinks he's indestructible..........


awww Megan...where's your sexyface???? haha

this is probably the best?.....safest?coolest, no pun intended to heat your house in the Winter . You just can't actually touch it....

meh iHate skinny computers.

can I just say that this does NOTTTTTT look like a good idea I mean, someone's bound to get a black eye. "Stretch Shelf" it's made out of a rubber band for crying-out-loud.

I wish these were allowed in dorm rooms......

MmMMmmmm...... cholesterol

this helmet freaken TRANSFORMS............if I drove a motorcycle I would soooooo wear this. On second thought...I'd wear this even if I didn't drive a motorcycle, which I don't.

this lamp is legit. correction too legit.

to quit.

hellz yeah.bby.

kk me tie-urd. get some rest yo.

keep it raw.