It's never enough with you.

Sara and I have come to the conclusion that:
a) Clubs are farrrr too hot, temperature wise.
b) 1/2 a bottle is a LOT.
c) IHOP at 3 am. 80% of the clientele consists of drunken, hungry people.
d) When in doubt, lesbian it out. haha
e) 1990.....1991?
I'll post the few pictures we managed to take, at a later date.

ooolala, customs....
courtesy of royalefam. "Prison Blues"

"Hottest Women from NJ" according to Complex of course.

tee hee if you like KAWS, well this is your chance to get some kickass keychains, only annoying part is they sucker you in to buying all 5, yes that means you have to spend damn near 60 bones if you only want the red one. -_-

fuck it I know my purpose in live in one of THESE...

these beautiful floating apartments will be available in the netherlands.

alphanumeric you are my hero.

personal fav.

god people are actually SERIOUS ABOUT THESE?!??!?!? I'm telling you once, you get hit with one of these do not come crying to me, cuz I TOLD YOU SO.

tee hee, kid robot, you make me smile.
these nifty zipper-pulls are great.

I need to fly to 21 Mercer

yes those are soles, yes you can use them to customize your own snkr.

ugly,ugly,fugly. die.

if these were in a better colorway I'd consider them.

oh heyyyyy.

well seeing as I'm kinda obsessed with the show True Blood. The fact that tru blood, the drink, will be available to the public soon...just blows my mind.

pour me another fangbanger, make it a double lmfao.

"Bill" your accent is to-die-for, marry me kthxbai.

These make water look pretty appealing.

just stop being stupid, and thinking you can multi-task people. You can't.


hahah princess vader.

this is a pretty sweet light, if I do say so myself.

errr this cake is awesome, but edible is no longer in the mix for me lol.

new lambo.

oh American Apparel, you're ridiculous.

apparently this bikini "dissolves" in water muhahhaah guys don't understand that when we go to the beach, we don't actuallllly go in the water silly ;)

this whole projection art thing, is kinda hot. not even gunna lie.

Anna Faris is actually quite attractive, despite her usual ditzy role.

alright it's nice out so
gooooooooo outside.
oh yeah,