Somebody Call Nine One One.

Alright if you're gunna bring in snacks to the movies, at LEAST make sure it doesn't sound like a terrorist attack is coming from your seat. I mean seriously, how long could it possibly take a human being to open a bag of chips?? You could be obnoxiously loud at opening your goods BEFORE you decided to get to the theater. gahhhhhhhh. I mean , got damn.

And if you're waiting in a long line, I mean looooooooooooooong line, then you should KNOW what the fuck you're gunna order by the time you get there, because I mean you're had aaalllll that time to decide, shiet, what were you doing all that time?!??!?!?!?

- sorry but come on people - :o)

give me these in silver, and I'd probably faint.

MmMmmmm pie....perfectly cut pie...

If only I could be a part of something this cool. free fall anyone?

apparently this is a keyboard for blondes -_-.

this is pretty awesome, I mean it's allowing the little guys a chance to utilize "paying with plastic". It's a mini credit card reader.

I really like this photo. [Chrysler Building]

idk how I feel about this feels like another Will Smith-I Am Legend- type deal.

Really GaGa...really now......gtfo.

this clock is insane, I wish it had different color hands though, maybe neon purple?

babbbyyy I hope your knee's alright, but you performing on an already torn ACL is just crazy.

the things I would do to that man...I mean uhhh

although idk about you defending "Best I Ever Had" <--- the video.

this is just fucking stupid.

THIS however is a kickass shirt.

Shakira wtf? not even going to comment. sick dancing but uhhhh...

Little House Of Accessories, this store looks illnasty.

I want this scarf. Black Gold [Diesel]

I rarely ride my bike anymore, but this just makes me wanna throw on a pair of shorts and hit the ground runningpedaling?

This movie looks fabulous, loveees it.

I plan on seeing them. Mos def.

dude from Tropic Thunder "What do YOU mean you people?!", yes him, daamnn boy.

I like that shade of red on her.


keep it raw ladies.