Tell Me Lies.

I've come to the conclusion that men and I are too similar to be compatible, just pullin' your leg. It's more like because we're too similar I cannot get along with women, they're too sensitive half the time, sorry ladies. When I was a little kid I always hung out with the boys, I could count the friends I had that were of the same sex on one hand. Guys are so much easier to be around in general [when they're not openly sharing the thoughts that are coming from their manhood]. This is why most of my friends that are girls aren't completely insane ;). iKeed <--- kidding. I remember when I was growing up, there used to be a chair like this at my grandparents house, and for some odddd reason I was deathly afraid of this chair. Call me a wimp.

Just throw it in the bag. I really like her new hair cut, although I did read an article the other day in Improper Bostonian, yes I read Improper, that women in Boston have their hair "too short", this being said from a male perspective but I do agree, slightly. I'm still contemplating cutting my hair.

Cassie for DIMEPIECE?

Le-Door Hand. haha, these are freaken tight. Definitely a must for my abode....once I get one.

Light Art, "Halo". It's siiick. The caps are interchangeable, thus allowing different colors and brightness and all that good stuff, and dig this, when it's low on battery you shake this mother-sucker to recharge it!!! How neat-o is that?!?!

Keri for Complex.

I love the description: "An excellent gift for a spoiled 13 year old kid who has an iPod touch and an iPhone and is a wannabe DJ." ROFLCOPTER. pick one up at Urban for a buck twenty.

I Fly Like Paper Get High Like Planes Bloons.

this reminded me of THIS, aka one of my favorite kids books , ever.

Custom Beruit/Beer Pong set. 15 bones....custom rules. You'd probably get to use this for like one night before people would drunkenly ask you who the fuck Orisue is.

What the SPACE JAM BOX LOOKS LIKE. Also if these are not in my possession, a lot of people are going to get injured, .BLANK [point black]

Jest3r- Custom "The Hundreds" , they're pretty fly, not gunna lie.

Cherri Wood, I like it.<
img src="" />

Meh this phone isn't thought out well enough -_-, but I like the colors nonetheless.

and this will be in my HOUSE. No doubt.

perfection baby.

ball return, black felt top, pricetag : 40 Gs.

this bike is dope.

You see the S-L-R-ah.

tee hee this made me giggle, I hope it tickles your insides too.

The kid is not my son. Moonwalking @ the end.

moneymoneymoneymon-ay, mon-ay


I want a Nano, but ONLY for this case, for all those who own Nanos, get this case NAOOOO

this is great, because I know people who cannot read measuring cups lol.

perfectly cut ...PIZZA!!!!!!

err I hope cars don't look like this in the future...."gliders" really?

I spy Little J hooking a Bass.


It's nice out so GO THE FUCK OUTSIDE. mkay pumpkin? ;)