Back Like Cooked Krack. yes with a K.

So I was woken up at 7 am today, I'm not sure you could even call it being "woken up" because I would have to be asleep first -_-. I might accidentally go out back and happen to trip near the ladder that's holding the roofers up near my side of the house....'twill be an accident I swear. thousand apologies.

That said, sorry my posts have been lacking lately, I haven't really been in the mood, --ha mood you say? It's a fucking blog right? precisely my friend, precisely; don't go and e-rage on me now. I love how little boys and girlies get extremely angry via THE INTERWEBS. Like seriously? YOU threatening people, pretending that you're from the "hood" and that you're "strapped" and the whole "COME SEE ME" thing,, not cute. No...we're not gunna come see you, no we're not going to "settle this", no we're not going to respond to your comments. How old are you? That's what I thought. Stop it, kthxbye. This mostly pertains to the wittle kiddies though, seeing as they never cease to start fights with those who do not have carecups.

Also, on a side note, house parties are glorious, when done up right:

Dâsen props to you my main man.

I mean how could you go wrong with.....50+ people, with heavy alcohol intake and no one of legal age to purchase alcohol....LEGALLY. I mean really, I don't see anything wrong with this ;)

wts Chris? jeebus. I mean I know people are not exactly fond of you at the moment but damn.
you look like Urkel infused with the 80s gone terribly wrong.

Wayne if you're on Mars can you pick me up from Jupiterrrrrr.

there is now a beach on said planet??? que?!!!!

I wish I could grow something worth while like....cherry tomatoes! in der, dat would be real goot.

and if you're wondering why I said goot just watch this.


uhhhh DO ME. If I ever had a go kart this fast, I would probably be dead, sad but true, I mean look at how nice it drifts!!!

since we're on the subject , lemme rephrase I WAS ON THE SUBJECT of GaGaGaGo-Karts, idk if that was a terrible stutter, or a transition haha check out this TUMBLER tumblr <--- no I don't have one.

Oh GaGa you never cease to amuse me. [gaga for Out Mag]

err yeah and you're "not" psycho...right.

cubism.... RUBIK'S STYLE. Can I just say, they so cheated, peeling off the stickers and such...for shame.

been there, seen that. [ well at least they're shit free :o) ]

I personally, like the M575's better. SUE ME.

wanna know what 300 Gee's rides liiike???

ride mo-flucker ride. only 20 ever made. ever.

magic spoon collection, just my kinda shtuffs! silver jewelry made from.....SPOONS!

this guy is a fucking G. It's like a motor cycle bike hybrid or something. srsly.

You'd think that having a keyboard this cool would be great, but knowing myself, I'd probably find a way at least three ways, to break it.

but I will buy this set, due to the fact that one, my mouse decides when to let me use LEFT CLICK. As a result I have to use the side button aka M4 to shoot people: fail, yes?
plus it makes clicking on shtuffs rewee hard. ):

this makes my job [being a -ninja-] easier. Annoying people wear these please!

"Oh you're just getting here?" - I just came <--- Dane C.
this is why I love investing my monies in Samsung.

This however, makes me want to give those people [who wear shirts like the ones up there ^]
a slap in the face, because they are going to take about 19873129837122 more armless photos.

not saying that I haven't taken part in said treacherous activity before.


for all you owners of longSHLONG bags. suck it! Just kidding, sorta.

Robert tiss one's foh yew.

^ I like better that one.| I like that one better.

iiight son....

keep it raw.