I just wanna lay with you.
Who that "you" is, I'm not even entirely sure myself.
I'm ready though.

After watching this, I want to marry the man in the green trucker hat, that is all.

A man that can dance, is a turn on, hands down. Not to mention Luam is an extraordinary choreographer.

I wanna take a tropical vacation!!! who's with me?!?!? - random, I know.

JAG. The XJ.

So I'm not quite sure if I wanna see this yet.


stop being such a trendy mother--, she's like 16 -_-

there may be a hint of jealousy in there. Not to mention I approve of that ensemble.

I personally liked her better as a brunette, for example : the movie Honey, but hey whatcha gunna do?

Not everyone is perfect, and yes girls with that much ass are bound to have some cellulite, so get over it guys; it's photoshop. These photos however, are not doctored at all.

I'm not a fan on how the second picture puts her on blast though.

It's sooooooooooooo hot out right now. I might actually melt. This remarkable picture makes me want to take up surfing....BAD.

That wave <--- DO ME. This one however looks extremely scary

I know you may not think this is funny, but I did, does that make me sick? --naaaaaah

Lightning BOLT is just tooo damn fast for these cats. I feel like if all of the conditions were perfect [no elements, very light headwind, feeling 100%, competitors feeling 100%], there's no telling what he'd do with time, because it seems like every race he sets a new world record.

I know you remember when you were a kid, shit, half of us still do this crap anyway. Yep you guessed it, look at clouds and try to make things out of them: "heyyyy that looks like a plane!"
well this is what a horse looks like, what kind of cloud that is...couldn't tell ya. ;)

for all those gamers out there, the snack industry has done something right. They made a snack that has all the flavor of a regular snack, but it has a bag that's shaped to just pour the snack into yo mouf! That way you don't have to get your keyboard all greasy (:

Poor girl, all she wanted to do was sell lemonade. Yes she got fined, look at that puppy dog face. She sold five dollars worth, but got a fiddy dolla ticket, what the shit?

She looks good, and she knows it so please STOP hating skinny people.

Peter Jansen.

yes, there's more MJ tribute pics.

Jerome , I love your mind.

Apparently this is how stars play tennis....wtfz0rz?

four inch wedges and a black bikini.

To all the new readers, and to alllllll the vets:

I stumbled upon this and just had to watch it due to the Title. roflcoptor

I love this man. GARY OWEN. baby.

Keep it raw.