I'm The Kind To Sit Up In His Her Room.

Apparently I'm the only "useful" friend, according to Steph, because I'm the only one out of our friends that drives. While driving to my eye doctors appointment today I realized that this is in fact TRUE. The annoying part about this is, that when people call or text saying "we should chill" they don't understand that to me this reads as:
" hey wanna meet in the square aka NOT half way, or you could pick me up and then we could go somewhere close to your house, then you could drop me off home?"
how about noooooooou.

I'll step on you.

Bacon flavored....vodka?!??!?! wts!

idk if it's worth it. PS3 ::slim.

Mad Decent yo. lol I just like the emphasis on the whole maaad thang.

M. Lagreange. These are incredibly inappropriate, I love it.

THE HUNDREDS. I love this belt.

Another thing: Whyyyyyyy do kids these days feel the need to wear a backpack. Let me clarify, wear a backpack with nothing in it, all extra high up and whatnot. I mean honestly : WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO FOOL?!?!? we know you ain't goin to school, it's July dumbass. So please do us all a favor, if you're not on your way to class, take the bag off, it's not cute. I saw a girl wearing a Dora , yes Dora the Explorer backpack because it matched her Adidas.....
I asked her if she knew she was promoting illegal immigration [joke]. What I should of told her to do was to take that bag off. So please, for the love of Christ stop. kthxbye.

Gregory Theilker, why are you so talented? medium = Oil.

Linnea Strid. Medium: OIL.

I wish I had one of these growing up ::sigh::

drool. It has Darkfield technology, aka you can use it on glass and the lasers will still transmit the signal. d0pe.

my ride has 1 horse power mother-sucker.

haha I thought it was funny.

I really hope that these people can afford an umbrella. If not, I'd like to opt to buy them one, because the idea of their children wearing these around is unfathomable.

this may make me cheat on Samsung a bit...

A completely translucent phone, pretty nifty. Of course it's not real....or is it =)

nope, just a concept, for now.

Ever since I saw that wave photo, I've been a smidge obsessed.

I want these, I have no idea why. Don't ask.

Just another day in the lives of Ye and Amber.

now this is the kinda stool I want.

this is just ridiculous. Just give me a damn H.

BOO! lmfao.

tramp. FAIL.

well at least the kids won't get sick when they eat it.

towards the end it just got weird.

Alex Q. Medium: PHONEBOOKS.

uh yeah NO.

now this is what I'm talkin' bout. Cuz just the whole #5 thing, wasn't cuttin' it.

pac,tetris,pong,space invaders.

I need this.

for one-hundred and forty-three, you too can be a SAMURAI.
underneath anyway. (o:3

FINALLY, something for the ladiesssss.

oh yeah, one moar thing.
two b's and two e's not :
kimmy kimberly kimbie kibby kibbie kiby kibbe kirby kriby mibbie kippie
I learn how to spell all of your names, please for the love of jesus learn to spell mine -_-.

and if not, well I'll have to kill you ;)
keep it raw.