And You Act Like I Care.

Let's take it back.
Why do men feel the need to be so ri-fucking-diculous?!?. I cannot seem to fathom why there's only a select few that are decent. Emotions are tricky, and I've come to realize this more and more as college wears on. But <---- yes I started a sentence with BUT, sue me. I'm the type of girl that people, and when I say people I mean guys, more often than not have no idea how to deal with. This may seem like a terrible thing, but apparently I've been told it's a good thing? It's not the first time that I've heard that "you're unlike anyone I've ever met", and yes I'd like to think that I am different than others but don't just tell me that shit to get on my good side, or any woman for that matter -_-, we can see right through your BULLSHIT. Don't think we don't fucking know that when you're trying to "talk" to us, that we don't already know you're talking to about 3-4 (sometimes more) other women. I mean let's be real now. The fact that we're just talking, should signal to you that in all seriousness, we don't give a shit; because it's clear that you haven't man'd up and just settled down, not saying that we alllll want to be tied down. But guys, just understand that YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONES WITH GAME. And don't underestimate us, men seem to think that since they're talking to multiple females that they're the only ones we're talking to as well, if they only knew lol.
One thing that I feel both sides should have in common is that once they're done beating around the bush, whether you take that literally or figuratively if you're with someone, you're WITH THEM, and only fucking them. Cheaters can blow me.

VMA's in a nutshell:
RIP the King of Pop may your spirit live on forever, Gaga is fucking bananas, Beyonce <--- flawless as usual, Kanye -______-, Jay and Keys I love you, but Lil' Mama GET THE FUCK OFF THE STAGE....witcha BITCHasssss. Janet your courage inspires me I wish your family nothing but peace and comfort.

Oh Kamber, how you never cease to amuse me.


Alright if you're gunna knock our president, at least spell shit correctly, DAMN.

LMFAO. roflcopter.

BLACK BARON..............enough fucking said.

I'm assuming you all know why Serena is not in the finals....
lmfao "I did not say that...are you SERIOUS?!?!". haha oh Serena.

well at least she apologized.

this looks like fun, someone let me play!

awww Supreme you're so cute for doing this, who doesn't like Mickey? I mean that's like saying Asians don't like Keroppi or White people don't like sushi...kidddding, I'm kidding.

duuuude you can customize your PS3 Slim, not that I condone buying one, but if you're gunna...pick a kool color please!

wanna know what 1.75 MILLION dollars rides like?

Okay well for one, I think that AA [American Apparel Apparfail] is ridiculously overpriced to the point where it just doesn't even make any fucking sense. I mean a plain beater with what, some DYE on it for 18 dollars......GTFO. This is the dialogue that comes to mind when I think about that god forsaken store.

- OMG what am I gunna wear to the 80s dance tonight!?!?
IDK what arrre we gunna wear?!
I know! Let's go to American Apparel!!!!!!!!!!!

kill yourself.
Not to mention their ads.....uhhh for a company that's trying to SELL clothes...where the hell are they?!?! allll I'm saying.

like in that one ^^^ idk if they're trying to sell me underwear or white bedding, or sex for that matter -_-.

like please tell me what the friggen purpose of the right photograph in the next ad is?!?!?!?


for those who would like to look more like a tool.

Disturbia was playing through my mind when I looked at these photos, props Zhang Peng.

yeah I know...those pictures were pretty f'd up right, that's why I like them.

well.....on that note lol have a kibtastic day haha (o:3 <--- bunny!

keep it raw.