Remember The Fallen.

I personally don't know anyone that was a victim of the tragedy that struck our nation in two-thousand and one but to all those who have someone who was taken from them, my sincerest apologies, may your courage be noticed not only on this day, but everyday.

holy shiet, I'm seeing this idk nor do I care if you are.

It's raining, I feel a little bit like this doggy ):

I'm more of a cat person, but gold lab puppies always have a place in my heart.

I find that humans can be extremely cold to one another, the fact that someone would do this to another person is beyond anything that comes to mind. The worst part is that despite him now suffering from seizures, the culprit walked.

Alright so I know all of you have run into this problem at some point in your lives. The infamous cutting of the cake. Don't you hate it when someone gives you a piece that just falls the wrong way, for instance the frosting side is on the PLATE -_- well ever since I came across this *today*, I'll be investing in said product.

Dude!!!!!! You can make a light, legit, out of anything.

not exactly sure how much this gadget would cost you but it looks like a pretty good investment, not to mention super nifty, allll at the same time.

G. Dishaw, this is amazing! Form!!!!!! I would personally buy the SB's I just haven't gotten around to it yet, I've put my footwear gear on pause for the moment, I'm in a financial "snag", if you will.

Here are the matching T-shirts.

If I were to ever own a Mac I kinda just want to buy this for my best friend for Christmas.
They're stickers that you can put on your Mac Book (o:3

Audrina Patridge for Maxim Magazine. She's hawt.

She can wash my car anytime.

150 for an iPod with a camera, yeah....I'm all set, kthx.

JC has a new print out. It's dece.

G. Rousse is a fucking genius, the fact that he can manipulate space with the mere medium of paint just blows my mind.

ZOMG. "I just came"- Dane Cook. But really though, looooook at this car masterpiece.

the fact that Audi has come out with a sedan model sends chills up and down my spine.
this it's brother. R7 meet R8.

I really wish JB would stop mass producing this bull-shkavism. I want to start an ANTI-FUSION campaign.

SLS AMG.............................sorry, I had to pick my jaw off the ground.

LMFAO, people definitely do this ish alllllll the time.

these however, are revolting.

I stumbled upon these wallpapers today, I plan on making them my desktop wallpaper tmrw, or now.

this one fucks with your eyes, try it out.

why are you such a divaaaaaaa? and why the hell am I alright with it lol.

she looks good in nearly anything, KanYe you're a lucky man.


speaking of Ye


oh Em.

I really like these pillows, and by like I mean I need to have.

Mishka '09 FALL.

K I know it's gloomy out but , try to have fun!
I know I'm gunna try...shiettt haha

keep it rawdry.