New Chapters.

I've had my first day of classes as a college student, and for the most part it was fine. Only a few classes prove to require a lot of outside work, but I still feel like it's going to take some getting used to despite having a similar class schedule in High School...blah enough about the boring things that are happening in my life.
If there's one thing I about college, it's the fact that BENTLEY UNIVERSITY GETS DOWN baby. Campus parties have already begun the first week, despite only us freshman being here, so now that the Upperclassmen have officially "arrived" I only expect/hope that the weekends here will escalate. I mean damn, people get in on Tuesday nights here, hollatchagirl.

At least the men here give me something to look at .....did I just say that out loud? oh but I did.
The things I would do to some of them, I know I'm not alone on this one ladies, youuu know.

And please! Don't be shy, comment on my blog! This isn't just about me rambling, although that is what I do most of the time.

I know this is random as fuck, but I reeeaaaaally want some fried dough at the moment.

but there has to be the perfect powdered sugar to cinnamon ratio, or else it just ruins the whole thing in general, and don't act like you don't know what I mean psssshhhh.

Oh how I love you two.

Got kicks diffrent' co-

S. Fairey's take on MJ the great, no, not Jackson RIP.

Tom Hoops I think you are a genius sir, pure and utter genius.

"Yike Bike" now you can ride an efficient bike, annd look like a tool at the same damn time, yay! naht. Oh yeah and it costs 5 G's.

I mean ride this instead!!!

SILVER [Argentini] each print costs around 10K, that's 10 more than I gotsts sucka.

My roommate used to be a ballet dancer, oh how I love my parents for never making me do that crap lol, although it does look beautiful when she does her lines.

Like I said before, this movie looks fucking terribad.

This is M. Fox in WONDERLAND.

I love them!!!!!


Dude this is siiick, it has panels of light that are lit up from the beginning of the meeting, and as time wares on as we all know it does in interestingBORING meetings, trust and believe you will know when it is time to pack yo thangs, and skidaddle.

I need a new wallet and by golly I'm gunna buy this one if it kills me. I mean LOOK AT IT, it's a friggen mini-mattress for Christ sake.


I love the retouching of these photos.

R. Laurent , me likey these!!!

sorry but I couldn't just pick a few!

With that said I'm nearly passing out as I type this , ciao!

keep it rawfruity. <--- I'm trying something new.