Saturday It's A Saturday.

I don't know why I thought covering for someone at 9am was a good idea, other than the monetary end of it. We got in last night at 330.... phail whale: -___-.

Why are women so judgefuckingmental of other women...can someone tell me? cuz I cannot seem to find the answer to that. stop with the stank eyes, evil eyes, dirty looks, rude comments, and disrespect, and grow the fuck up. kthxbye.

Shouts to the Bentley Football team!!! WE BLEED BLUE AND GOLDbby.

I'm just waiting for the clock to hit 1....I suppose I should mention that every time a customer walks in I swear profusely ;)

Chanel, why do you do these things to me, you know damn well I cannot afford your ish.

"Midnight Riders" for Hellz Bellz

I came across this picture, and just thought to myself....really?
random I know. get the fuck over it.

uhh these heels would make me injure a small family.... jk....sorta, not really at all.
they have heels on the HEELS, jesus.


she would have a nameplate necklace, with no bra on.

as if you couldn't be any more of a tool...they had to go and mass-make these shits.
and iHave an iPhone so I can say that, betch 8)

I mean really... who fucking comes up with this shit, do they have an office where a bunch of tools just sit around and think of new ways to incorporate useless devices to go along with their iPhones? I don't get it. It holds two friggen cards...if that doesn't scream useless, idk what does. Have they not heard of pockets?

if only I had one of these kickass robes yesterday night....I would've used the fucking FORCE.

this cake is just insane.

tee hee, it's got instructions on it (o:3

speaking of (o:3's (bunnies)

it seemed only appropriate that I post that ^^ due to the fact that I'm at my job, where we sell iced cream.

my laptop came in!!!!!!! now the hard part: transferring all my craaap.
maybe I could use one of these: ninja much?
oh if you're wondering what it's a USB device! crazybananas huh?

oh that reminds me, to all those who talk to me on AIM
my "new" screen name is ninjakibs , yes that's right, my nickname is kibs and yes, I am a ninja, and if you refuse to comply, well then this will happen!

yeah I don't know either....

if you're in ATL, pick me up a pair...pwease, I lied, don't. SIZE 6. hehe

this bag is baddddass. Would I buy it? fuuuhcksno. but hey!

I could put my glass rubik's cube in it, yes I said glass.

this is just a proto-type but we've all imagined a world where food and many other various object come in capsules and such, well this is a concept that has to do with "growing" food like oh idk SALMON?!

well I'm outty, and if I haven't entertained you well then I'm truly sorry
maybe this will help, this is the best 38 sec. of my day so far, aside from seeing Thomas and Mikey this morning (:

keep it rawkosher, ladies.