You'd think that going to a business school, I'd be more concerned about making a killing, yet that's not the case. I feel that yes, money is helpful, and yes, it's easier to go through life being financially sound, but the way I see it is, at the end of the day if you're not content with yourself then you don't deserve any of it. I'm not saying that I don't need to depend on anyone but I like the satisfaction of knowing that I bought it my damn self, my mommy and daddy or my quote on quote MAN didn't get it for me.

And what is with women believing that they can change a man, or feel that they should have to change someone to stay with them. I mean if a guy loves you, then he loves you no matter what you're wearing, driving, or doing, or he should at least. If it's one thing I cannot seem to fathom, is why the hell people are so hell-bent on changing others?!?! like, if they don't accept you for you, FUCK IT and MOVE ON. They don't deserve you .BLANK

Eliza D. for Complex mag. She's the man, after watching Angel I wanted to be her , briefly lol.

dude this ring, is to die for, I mean for one, it comes in silver, and two, the fan actually spins!

speaking of jewelry, sometimes when I see kool earrings, it makes me wish I had pierced ears. ):

lmfao, when I came across this today, I nearly pissed myself. great choice in words, I know. But seriously, sometimes I envy men, just for the fact that they can pee whenever/wherever they want, well virtually anywhere, granted they don't get caught, and are then charged with being a sex offender lmao. not that, that is humorous...

this mouse is f-u-c-k-e-d, fucked.

I ads like these, they entice me even MORE.

uh so yeah, I need this hoodie, that is all.

oh yeah this shirt too please.

meh, not really a fan Ye

wtfz0rs, I stumbled across this cover today....die.

well seeing as these dorm chairs SUCK I'm seriously considering, investing in one of these badboys.

tis' all.

keep it raw.