If you have something to say, just fucking say it.
Stop beating around the bush.
- that is all.

So I usually eat an omelet from the cafe from time to time here, and this video that I stumbled upon just made my night.

I wore my high-waist jeans today, and after eating I felt like this:

there's a billiard club here on campus, and I mean maybe if they had this table I'd consider playing ;) jk but seriously, shit is siiiick.

I now want to drink tea out of this mug, and this mug alone.

so you think you're smart huh big guy??!!

yeah....that's what I thought.

It's an East coast, West coast thang.

This True Blood inspired chain is worth over a G. It's made of stainless steel?

Did I mention that when I get my own place, these lights will be there.

this weekend, I plan on wearing this.....if I could only find a place that carries them.

Olivia.....why? just why?

keep it funky.