Cuz I'm ON.

haha that song was playing today and I thought it would be a good idea to just go along with the trend that I've started for my posts. If you haven't noticed it, well I don't really care, and if you had, word up.

So I'm currently sitting in Boston Tea Stop all by me onesie, which is chill, I like being by myself sometimes. Being at college and legit living with everyone has its perks but it also has its disadvantages, like ZERO alone time, unless you wanna be marked as anti-social.
Being here, let's me clear my head a bit, despite the fact that there are about 12 other people in here talking about shit that I could care less about.

Sometimes I just need to get away. Bentley's great, don't get me wrong, but it's its own separate entity, its own bubble if you will. And I miss being around PEOPLE, CIVILI-FUCKING-LIZATION, traffic,cabs,buses,cops,firetrucks,sirens,NOISE. Sometimes I like being bothered, and enraged by that guy. I miss getting cut off, stupid pedestrians, non law-abiding citizens and such. Bah I needa stop this.

'tis almost all hallows, and on the way here I saw a gaggle (<--- mwahaha) of kids looking for candy already, the entire bus was like WTF "yah maad early kehd", despite the fact that we all know damn well we did that shit too.

With that said, I'll update you with other ish latez, but for now, I'm just trying to brace myself for a wholelotta this tonight.

keep it spooky.