preface this is gunna be a long post.

On a cloudy day. When it's cold outside, I got the Month of May November.
I cannot wait until this weekend, one because it's Halloween, but two, because it's about to be the Second of November!!!!!!!!!Trust and believe next weekend will be one that I will remember? The pictures I take should help haha.

So I know you all know that college is sooo much fun blahblahblah lies. Not only do I have another three exams, but I feel like I eat about 5 times the amount I normally eat. It's kinda gross when I sit back and think about all of the things I ate that day, WHILE EATING. talk about a phail whale no?

I was watching True Life the other day, and the theme was about jealous people in relationships, I thought it was quite entertaining actually. The guy in one of them was just trying to hang out with his boys but the girl was kinda insane lol, she would call him all the time and what not. Yeah I'm not that kinda girl, at all. Maybe it's because I loathe when people feel the need to be nosey and keep tabs on what I'm doing, where I am, who I'm with, like SHIT, can I LIVE?! got damn.
I don't care what the fuck you're doing, as long as it's not another girl, go do you, and even if it is another girl, so what? I'd like to think that our relationship is real enough that you wouldn't have the urge to do that, and that even if you did such a ridiculous thing, you should know that I'd want you to just come out and fucking tell me. Rather than lying.

I'm independent, get the fuck over it. Yeah, every girl person loves it when others treat them, and take care of them, but there's the satisfaction of knowing that I got it mah damn self that makes it all the more ..... _______ <--- you fill it in.

lastly if you can't sing, and by sing I do not mean physically singing, because many people can do that. Being on beat, in tune, and in the right key, is a must. So, that being said, if you cannot sing, please refrain from doing so while others are in earshot, save that shit for the shower, preferably a soundproof one in your own abode, kthx.

for those of you who don't pick up your feet when you walk, I hope this shit happens to you.

Maserati, please stick to coupes fuck this SUV shiet.

Rolex BAPEX. I'll take the black and silver one thank you, leave the gold one at the sto'

this evolution short is phenomenal.

AXA_EVOLUTION from TronicStudio on Vimeo.

Holger Pooten, not only is your last name fan-fucking-tastic, but your photos follow suit.

I'm so wet right now.
Medusa shower head lol.

HATERS Exhibition

Michael Lau , DO ME. please?

105 grams that's like 3.7 ounces....not that I would know.
29 grams of cocaine
41 grams of MDMA

I when guys wear these.

Vogue Paris x KAWS
those heels are to die kill for.

I need a chair in my room, this one will do.
Tetris inspired! It can't have all corners touch the ground or else the line would clear, I know all you nerds, myself included, picked up on that ish.

DIESEL Denim that glows in the dark???!?!?!

I want this toaster in my life, it's two birds one stone, you can see the process!!!

got a new computer? sick of downloading a bunch of programs separately? use Ninite!

Halloween is sooooooooo soon.

but despite it being so close, due to the shitload of work that I have I feel like I can't even go out, I'm so close to being finished but shit just keeps getting added to the never-ending pile so it's like I'm just stuck.

This tie was made for me you to buy me. (: jk, sorta not really at all.

okay so I borrowed this from kw, but her body just doesn't make sense to me.

Transform ME, gotdamn. I know he hits woman but still.....

I'm not sure if I find this attractive, I lied , I'm sure and it's not, well the drastic-nessive-ness isn't, concept, yes.

Rosa Acosta for Supleme Mag.

I fucking love KRINK. Mini Coopers, not so much, but ask me if I like em' directly after watching Italian Job. HA!

fucking DO ME. nowza. and I'm not even a fan of Lexus.
Lexus LFA nearly half a Milli, no biggie.

M-C Hames, I love these. props.
my fav:

Nike ya did good.

this Clot hoodie would work wonders this Winter.

this totally distorts my childhood, I'm not even why I spent as much time as I did playing Mario lol.

this lamp is dope.

but ya know what's not, this woman, what a fuckin' idiot kehd.
how do you ingest a whole can.


this pretty much sums up America.

this photo is hot.

this one is not. f that trick.

I love these, Converse in general though.

keep it raw.