Never Again.

Will I go to a bar and have 8 drinks in under an hour.

I wish I took shots out of these last night.

on a side note, at least it's one day closer to Friday bitches.

these are dope Xavier, props man.

Derek why are you so good looking? but more importantly why the fuck would you let ARoid grab your ass that hard. -_-

Me likey.

this is probably the siiiickest coffee table I have, and ever will see in my life.

lmfao good job ya douche cahk.

HSN Wii Tennis Fail on Live TV - Watch more Funny Videos

This hotel just makes me want to spend shit tons-o-money. a can!!!!!! this concept is so raw to me, it's unreal.

dude I so need me one of these! I mean I'm alllllways drinking things while in bed and yet I always spill them.

If I saw a man wearing these I would marry him...instantly.

Why hello there Lance Gross

take me to H&M right

okay, so I have absolutely no idea what this commercial has to do with drinking milk, but I love it. LASER SWORD!

okay this is gunna sound prih-ty strange, but when I was a kid I used to play with worms, yes I know ew worms, but yeah no, I loved them. that is all.

this hoodie is god.

keep it funky.