I love the fact that it's snowing in the middle of October right now, naht.

I really like this conversation:

???: he makes me feel nervous and comfortable at the same time
amanda: gahh the story just keeps growing!
???: i love that, there's only one other guy that makes me feel like that
amanda: whose that?

I know how they feel, there's only a few people in my life that make me feel that way, then again I could be this mysterious person now couldn't I??? haha

WTF JB, as if the 60+ pack wasn't enough you had to go and make winter gear, or attempt anyway.

Need something to look at for ideas JB?

I just have one question, why do Asians rule at life??????? I'm so proud to be Asian it's not even funny my freng <--- not an Asian accent fyi. 2014 Asian Games

Soo I've decided what I want for Christmas, yes mom it's a dangerous weapon, no I'm not going to use it, okay I might. Assassin's Creed anyone?

I want one of these for my dorm room. I've always liked having weird lights/lamps, like a stop light, those are siiiick. Too bad this sucker costs 24hundo. <---- cuh-raaazy cash man.

Dude you have no idea how much my child hood would have been impacted because of these pants. I would have had such an easier time going sledding and shit. It's like " HEY!, too tired to carry your sled all the way up the hill?" fuck it! just sit down and call it a day ked!

It's cold as fuck outside, or as the New Yoarkahs say "it's BRICK outside", who in the fuck says that is beyond me but hey it's college right?! Screw it let's have some tea. via KW

K. Zu Pan, this is genius I love it, despite the fact that Amber is used.

I now understand why women are attracted to older men
perfect example:

I'm not sure who to feel worse for.....the fact that Samantha has to share the same dress as that annoying pre-teen or the fact that Miley is wearing a studded dog collar.....

this picture is dope. appreciate that shit punk. I'm only kidding.

I took neurobiology and psychology last year, surprisingly interesting...but that's besides the point, this is what happens when the placebo effect starts to work. Which makes sense no?

this should be the future of all kids books. My kids will read these dammit.

I also need a faucet like this in my house/apartment, because I know I'm not the only one that hates washing your dirty hands because you know that you then have to wash the handles off that you just dirtied too -_- talk about phail whale.

It's as if everyday I grow exceedingly more embarrassed to own an iPhone.
reason for today:

dude this fish is 6ft long, talk about a great catch =P

cat cupcakes!!!!

okay so the last one didn't quite fit into that category, sue me.

LMFAO this sign is too funny.

Grace Park & Tricia Helfer for Maxim.

this will be added to the collage: perfection. Food and snkrs, what else could I ask for?


Keep it raw.