Somewhere You Will Find.

Hey new readers, I like you :)
old readers, I Love You.

WDYWT. [what did you wear today?] more like what I wore three days ago but whatevs.

Is it just me? or does it annoy the fuck outta you too? people dragging their feet when they walk, pissin' me off.

When men smell good...........yeah it turns me on, in case you haven't figured this out yet, it does, enormously. I love to smell good and I love that you love to smell good too.

oh yeah this is what my bed looks like (at college)

yes purple is my favorite color, although I prefer the color violet, yes I do love lilacs.
heyyyy roomie.

she loves pink, I don't, but I deal with it :)

let's see, I've successfully skipped my first real class as a college student, and it felt great to do so. I slept in, and I didn't give a flyingfuck-it-was-great.

I've been watching Entourage lately, yeah I know "you would", but I mean I held out from it for the longest time, but in all honesty it's a pretty legit show, not to mention AG is a fucking hottie.

I fucking love Ari.

I needneedneeeed this shirt, not only does it have my favorite character on it, but it's black (:

A. McQueen please do me.

rawr, stop making all this useless shit for the wii, I mean if you need to exercise by using a video game, that's a fucking sign that you shouldn't be playing. Go to a fucking gym dammit.

dude, this is a sweet lamp. nuff said.

I still need to transfer a lot of files from my desktop to my new laptop...but....this flash drive is by far one of the coolest I've seen in a while. Beam me the fuck up Scotty.

I think Blake L. is gorgeous, and if you don't agree, kindly gtfokthxbai.

meh. I like the concept though.

Not bad...would I buy them.....probably not but hey!

January Jones for GQ.

wanna know what else is baddass, these gingham shades yo, these gingham shades, courtesy of Stussy X HECTIC.

if I were to ever pierce my ears I would sooooo get these earrings.

this is HILARIOUS, if only it was shorter, but fast forward through it, I just kept asking myself how long did it take for this motherfucker to get IN the store?!!!


and I'mma wear this here hoodie while I play...BITCH. 8-)

As if me owning an iPhone couldn't make me feel more like a tool. -____- phailwhale.

well when I get married....<---- let's hope someone can put up with my ridiculousnessnessness. I wanna wear these as wedding bands.

Thierry Le Goues.

calm your testosterone fellas.

dude this shit is trippy : Chlorophyll skin

Chlorophyll Skin from Lucy McRae on Vimeo.

and as if that wasn't enough.

shit does the carpet match the drapes Marge? all anyone wants to know.

Lately I've just had this IDONTGIVEAFUCK mentality, that shit has got-ta-go.

keep it raw.