We Off That.

But you can't bring the future back.

I fucking love Friday Nights, and crazy excursions at 2 am to Asia town.

Okay, I promise to update more, not like things are that interesting in my life right now. Mostly school work from Monday to Thursday, and then Friday through Sunday all sort of run together. Most of the time I'm sober so I know I can't even blame it on that.

It's kinda hard to describe what's going on with me. I'm not sure what I what, along with the rest of the incoming freshman class so it's not like I'm alone there, but it's hard when you start to have feelings for them without knowing why or where shit's gunna go.go.gogogo.go.
But fa nowzas, I'm just doing me, same me I've been for a while now, you know this.

For the love of someone pleasepleaseplease.ple.ase. go to this site if you need something to entertain you. I sometimes find myself having to excuse myself from class because I have to laugh.

Oh GaGa, you crazy ex-stripper you.

and even though we're not allowed to have candles these are siicknasty.

I've wanted to do this for so long, every time I pass water fountains I feel the need to mess with them for some reason, that I don't know.

this chair is legitzkee. I mean it's a fucking rocking hot dog, it doesn't get much better than that.

P. Villanueva, you are great.

got my Vans because they are real sneakers. Vans x HUF. I love it. Get me a pair size 6 club, I'll be your biffle...naaaaht.

I have an actual photo from one of the glow in the dark tour concerts, it's somewhere on my desktop, but I suppose this book will have to do for now. This just screams put me on a coffee table or in the bathroom for people to read, despite that this entire collection of photos is an exhibit of his ego.

here's an example of the kinda coffee table that this book would be on, at least in Kanye's casa.

Nike, good job for once. Look at that SOLE.bby. ow owwww.

Best believe if I had a pair I would only listen to music out of these for the rest of my life, well at least while wearing them, but seeing as I DON'T fucking have a pair, the headphones will have to do fa now.

you could putchyo weed in dair!

holy do me. This TT is orgasmic....looking.

Don't you fucking hate it when you've just come from outside, where an ocean is falling from the sky, and you have to carry your dripping wet umbrella around with you, not only getting your feet and jeans wet but everyone around you as well? I do, that's why I need one of these things, it's so ingenious.


keep it raw biddies.