And It's On.

For some odd reason, I seem to have forgotten how little I care about petty bullshit, this will end, now.

this is completely true at the moment.

this inflatable mattress is fucking great, I need me one a demz right dair.

My mom is a fiend when it comes to protecting electronic devices, anyone that knows me can attest to this! My mom used to pack me lunch [those were the days] and legit I'd have to call in SWAT just to unwrap an apple, I mean this woman used to double bag EVERYTHING, then put that in a double bag and sailor knot the shit out of it, mind you, by the time I took my lunch out, time was usually up. But....I love her, and her crazily packed lunch =P.
Anywho, this laptop bag is waterproof aka weather resistant.

lmfao this sign fail is marvelous.

I am going to have these drawers in my abode at some point, mark my words, they WILL BE THERE.

I really like her outfit.

Christmas/when-I-get-money, here-are-the-things-I'll-buy-myself,-but-if-you're-feeling jolly,-I'm-not-stopping-youlist:

as much as a despise AA I went in there today, and I might have fallen in love with a few items:

and maybe a giant Vicky Secret card.

keep it civil raw.