One Left To Go.

What happens when you're eighteen?
- chug a beer ....or two....
- take a shot ....
- wear a hat
- get hugged
- get photographed
- get kissed
- have signs made (o:3

As much as I feel that birthdays are just like any other normal day, they're not, especially the big ones: eighteen, twenty-one...etc.
I already feel like this week/weekend is gunna be LEGIT.
drinks tmrw tonight, come join!!! I'll post the place of intoxication laters. I turn twenty-two today hahaha. I mean....

This mouse is too legit, despite the fact that it's another Apple product.

I wish I had one of these to lounge around on, it even makes sitting on your ass look socially acceptable.

Jamie Chung for COMPLEX mag.

I'm not sure what the big stink is over these things, I'm still impartial to them though.

My obsession with footwear is dwindling, maybe it's due to the fact that I'm having some cash flow problems. I guess I'll have to stick to pairs of these for a while...

What one were to wear to trap my heart in their hands:

You know my fascination with waves and such, it's been so cold here lately that I really just wanna get away for a few days.

hey it's the new XPS! it has a heat sensor to open it!!! righteous.

I'm still trying to download my free upgrade to Windows 7, this ad is way too funny to not post though.

I only know a handful of people that would truly appreciate the greatness of a heated mixer.
mom, gma, jess, soon, and some others. let all your cooking adventures begin!

dude that's gross...

bah I wanna watch this movie really bad now!

This, hands down, is the awsome-est looking dessert I've seen in a while.

I wanna go to the beach, which is semi-a-lie, and semi-not one. I just despise sand.

these magnets are fucking d0pe.

this chair is undeniably fresh. Although I'm not quite sure where one would sit, or how for that matter.

Heidi Klum and chocolate??!!

the song that people just can't get enough of has a video (: , enjoy!

DUDE! Hufquake is now an option on NikeID.....that's illnasty son.

I want need one of these, or four.


so if I had a reason to wear a tie every day then this would be the tie to wear. It's made of recycled cassette tapes which I find to be unreasonably attractive.

This truck is by far the greatest Tundra ever. "When you slide out the tailgate, exposing a BBQ grill, beer tap, ice chest, 42″ HDTV and Kicker sound system. The sound system features a dual subwoofer system and a separate amp, four two-way speakers with tweeters and separate crossovers, and dual two-channel amps with separate equalizers and speaker control units."

errrr....bread slippers??!! kinda cool, yet pretty gross when you think about it, I mean what if you were to take a shower then put them on.....

G. Wickbold, I love your style.

not only am I drawn towards these shades, but I'm repulsed it's sweet.


soooo, this mug apparently keeps your coffee, although I prefer to drink tea, hot for about half an hour (58 C) prih-tee nihf-ty!

these Zippos are unreal.

dude this is a fireplace that rolls fucking sweet is that?!

I plan on filling these out soon:

F. Lebain ,

I'm sorry to say this but....

just when I thought life couldn't get any sappier, you go and say those words to me.

Oh yeah, here are flicks <---- ew, from All Hallows Oh Nine.

Marijo I miss and you love, HCo, always.

keep it toasty, ya dig.