It's Four AM & I Don't Care.

Mount and Do Me.
thought you'd need a chuckle =P

some new looks for me:

Rotating kitchen anyone? this exhibit is fucking siick, I know it's a little slow but it's still funny.

Christmas better look like this, or someone's gunna get a hurt real bad.

Taylor why are you so goddamn trendy???!!! stahp eht.

this car is fucken dope.

well this is Tiger's squeeze, yeah not so much that one.

for some odd reason I'm intrigued by this egg bag, yes I said it, egg bag, I want one, I'm not sure what I'd put in it though, maybe I'd just put eggs in it and store it in the fridge...

this guy totally jacked my idea, a mobile retail store <--- pure and utter genius, just fucking GENIUS. geniusgeniusgenius. plus the fact that it's an iced cream truck makes my friggen day.

can someone please tell me what everyone's fascination is with chocolate covered food? I don't get it, chocolate covered ants! ...yeaah-no., they're gross gtfo. I mean what the fuck makes people think gee ants are gross by themselves...but if I were to dip them in chocolate, they'd taste fuckin' amazing!!!!!! WHO ARE YOU, all I wanna know.

I have a few finals coming up, which means two hours of thinking........baaah, I will definitely need these. tree foh fifteen dolla make you holla.

If I owned a roll, I would never leave the bathroom.

this aqua tower in Chicago scares me, or maybe it makes me nauseous not really sure which one. ;)

can someone say waste of money?

this is siiiiicknasty.

from now on...I will only fly Hello Kitty Air.

oh haaay GaGa dancers, call me =]

uhhhhh so I will never wash my body with another type of soap ever again. Mount and Do-Me scented, btw.

ooooooo aaaaahh

Oh yeah so here's Thanksgiving Meal #2 at Parkerhill. and then some, and then some.

keep it raw & toasty.