Mad Quaint Yo!

I was watching the Hangover, well more like re-watching it I guess you could say. And I love the part where Allen is in the hotel room... "you would love it, it's so quaint". haha.
Currently I'm sitting at work, clearly not being productive, I should be doing some calculus, but this is obviously far more important to me =). I hope everyone has a mahvelous Thanksgiving! And if you did not, don't fret, there's always Christmas.
Christmas is a funny topic to me. I'm not really a fan of it, not really sure if this comes off as a surprise to you all or not, but idk, I love the fact that all of my family gets to come together again and we can all just eat and relax and tell ridiculous stories about who knows what. I just hatehatehate Christmas songs, I fucking get it Mariah, you don't want anyone but Nick, but for the love of God please stop telling Kiss and about 29837012381 other radio stations to play it.

- I'm not sure it's possible to miss someone as much as I missed you.

I went shopping for BlackFriday, bought a few things...didn't go crazy though.
The fact that I cannot find anything from the Jimmy Choo x H&M line makes me quite sad, I checked on eBay and shit was in the hundreds..... you know what I say to that : FUCK OFF.

shake it like a salt shakah, shake it like a salt shaka.

okay people say that I have a problem when it comes to collecting sneakers, but this guy clearly has a bigger problem than me.
Eric Koston

Rihanna why yew soh haht?

for some reason this makes me want to go to Mickey D's and grab a quarter pounder, uber bad, maybe it's the sex appeal, yet then again maybe it's just because I've been doing work for about 8913718937 minutes.

the most expensive phone evar! , aka the stupidest cover for an already overpriced phone EVAR!

baby this is for you.
- I love you.

I mean if I liked KISS, then I might consider getting this hoodie, it does seem a little odd though, walking around with someone 's face on my head.

this mouse costs over a G, I wish I was a celeb. so I could own this :) I mean......there are starving children in the world, "won't somebody please think of the children" - Helen Lovejoy

this is a portable solar powered radio, it only comes with one channel but fuck that, I'd buy like 10938193712 of these if I knew where the fuck to buy one. The concept is just plain orgasmic .blank

Good try, but real drivers like myself (I kid, sorta), use the surrounding lights to judge when we can jump the gun. Ex: when the left turn light on Morton St. (facing the bridge) turns red I know NOT to go, because the light to go straight won't turn green until the left turn light on the left hand side turns red, which happens to be about 4 sec. later, shit like that, it helps to notice.

Eminem for COMPLEX

these boots are fucking AMAZING.

this what I think of your Santa , consumerist America!
take that!

clearly I'm on the naughty list ;)

Guido lmfao nice name, nice photos

This video is pretty siiiick.

I love this show, sorry I know I know it's girly, but yes! I am in fact a girl.

keep it runnin' raw.