kill me slowly.

Sittin at work, nuh-thin ta do.

You know what really grinds my gears?!
read the following, ha not like you weren't going to anyways, right?
- "I'm gunna have two pints."
:: yeah I'm a fucking mind reader right, cuz I know what flavors you want right? ::
What flavors can I get you?
- "
Uh............. (five minutes and 12 taster spoons later), I'll have uh......"
:: yeah waste more of my life, please. ::
Take your time, no rush
- "
Okay, I'm gunna have Vanilla, and I'm not sure about the other flavor yet"
:: cuz you haven't tried nearly every possible flavor here right.... ::
Sure thing
"Okay now the other one is gunna be Chocolate Chip"
:: REAL ORIGINAL CHIEF!!!!!! why don't you just slit your wrists to get some color ::
No problem!

end scene, and if you didn't get that whatever's in :: is what goes through my head, you're even less intelligent than I thought.

this woman came in today and wanted two pints, so I said to myself why not offer the pre-handpacked ones, this is the response I got:
- "Oh but I like the hand-packed ones better, they're fresher ya know?"
:: yeah cuz they're not from the same fucking tub right?! ::
Uh sure
" I mean maybe it's a fallacy.... "
:: ding ding ding we have a winner, this ice cream has bits of other flavors in it but WHATEVER ho ::
- " Okay, and you guys take cards right?"
Yes we do.
no tip just the way I like em' ::
- "Oh and do you have any of those taster spoons for my son, he likes them"
:: does it look like I fucking care what your son likes? ::
Sure thing

Those are just a few of the many annoying ass scenarios that happen during my shift, can't wait for Summer shifts..............naht.

I mean for God sakes a woman asked if we sold Chocolate sorbet........