Well, I've come to the conclusion that I am Royally fucked.
my gpa has not only reached an all-time low, but I am starting to second guess a lotta shit mang. I suppose you could say I'm going through the whole "re-inventing" phase, pffft, f that. I'm just having a moment.

There's so much to catch you guys up on I'll do you the favor of creating my life in a nutshell in yep you guessed it form, for those who don't get my picture definitions that means bulletform aka bullet notes for the extremely slow.

I have:
- Finished my first semester as an undergraduate student at Bentley University
- Lost my wallet in a movie theater, then had it turned in without any cash.
- Bought about 2 hundo worth of new clothes mostly consisting of dresses and odd accessories that you will see once I find the Oh-cassions to wear them.
- Have established the fact that I am no longer going to put up with bullshit, cutthroat season is here to stay. don't like it? sorry go fahk yaself.
- Said a sad goodbye to one of my closest friends, Maria-Jose Santiago , there's a Bendito in there too I think ;). I wish you luck on your travels my dear I'll visit you in Spain soon.
- Shamefully downloaded Fame Monster, and I may have liked it, crazy I know.
- Gotten sick of recapping my life, that may be because of the bullet note form, or just because I can't remember what's been going on hehe.

enjoy my loves:

First off Rest In Peace B. Murphy.

Nicki Minaj is fucking overrated I don't give a damn what you people say, yeah she's hot, but she's really not that pretty, yeah I said it AND what?!
Nicki fa Complex Mag.

College Dropout is most definitely one of thee albums of the decade, finally critics gettin' shit right.

Ye, stop tryna front like you're surprised about this shit.

uhhhh so this artist can get in my pants, like now, oh yeah the girl too, fuck it the leopard too.

these actually aren't that bad, would I get them? nah, would I be opposed to wearing them if they were given to me as a gift? not AT alll.

okay Mac stealingmylastnameyouAsherRothwannabe Miller, I might have to listen to a few of your songs before I can truly judge you, but for now I think you're an Asher Roth wannabe.

as if T-Pain couldn't rub his annoying "having a chain that costs as much as house" concept onto other people wasn't bad enough. I actually kinda like these despite the fact that I find the whole I have a shitton of money so I buy shit like this to let other people that may or may not have just as much moolah as me know, annoying as hell, these amuse me :o)

Hey Men everywhere, wanna be teased? there's an app for that

Rihanna for GQ.

Insa you are geniuses. I love art like this it's inyaface, and they don'tgivafuck.

uhhhhh so I think Jessica Stroup is a goddess, prove me wrong bitches.
J. Stroup for Complex

I kinda want this clock, not sure if I have the balls to actually make one myself though.

" that I think I'm Late text" - WFBaby

okay does anyone else see that this concept could go TERRIBLY wrong in a very short span of time. Because it can, and it will.

I fucking want this in my life.

I'm not sure if this is gunna be good....I'm gunna go with a negative.

I really want these, not really sure why, maybe it's the whole British appeal? not even sure if they have a British appeal but if I were to go through my entire thought process you'd think I'm crazy, scratch that, crazier than you already think I am.

Audi e-tron, I'm alllll for it, just as long as there are other color options, like oh I dunno BLACK, it might even look good in white.
it's an electric car with four motors, reaches up to 124 mph. eta: 2012.

Maybe if I had this sweatshirt, the cool kids would like me. ):

holy shitshitshitshitshit.shit. dude!!!! this wallet is by far the wallet of any person who had a real childhood's DREAMS, I mean for Christ sake it has a Gameboy on it, and did I mention that it's made of leather.

JB riddle me this one and I swear I'll leave you the hell alone:
WHAT THE FUCK?! idk if I should make an sb and title it that to grab your attention about the severity of this question but could you please stop one, fucking with classics and B yeah I used a letter and a number to make get my point across whatchugondo?! -shit [lil' jon] and B, stop mass producing bullshit.

I mean honestly, we all know the reason why there's a thank you on the insole, it's to remind the consumer that they're an idiot for buying a pair of these lames every time they put them on.

a circle around the jumpman really? Wasn't the perforated sides/toebox and the enlarged midsole enough? got dayum.

we all know she's psycho but that doesn't change the fact that we're infatuated, or that we know the words to Just Dance, Bad Romance, and Paparrazzi ....or was that just me...... ::looks around nervously::

wtf baby? [lower middle]

Dan it's people like you that inspire me to keep this whole blog thing going, or maybe it's because this is where I can say whateverthefuckiwant. I'll go with the latter.

holy do-me amg.

I like yellow better.
check out the MEC design site

to all you cat haters, look at this and tell me they aren't afuckingdorable.
Yeaaah, thas wut I thawt beeuhtch. <---- never again, I swear I just lost about 4 brain cells sounding that statement out in semi-ebonics.

Refill shirt! iPhone style.

Nike you're doing something right with this retro, no lie.

this whole "Chirping Bird" however, should be taken downtown for questioning.

Lindsey Lohan for Muse.

okay here are a few pillows that I find to be completely kickass, and if you don't agree, well then you have no sense of humor and should jump off a bridge, jk I would feel like a dick if you did that, then again I wouldn't know.......gah you get the point.

lmfao I'm such a n3rd.

I've ridden a bike on this road in the Netherlands, damn I wanna go back there.

zip it, zip it real good.

me likey this skirt, you all know how I have this weird infatuation with highwaisted apparel is it waist or waisted? I never figured that out.

apparently this is what guys believe.
Can I just say from a woman's pov, women don't mean to take their cycle-induced anger if you will, out on men. It just so happens that men usually say or do things that are well flat out dumb, and so we try to tell you, it's just that we're already pissed that we're puffy, feel like we're not hot, moody, craving some odd food, or oh I don't know BLEEDING, so we take it out on men, who aren't feeling those things and never will. (o:3

dude this pool cost 1 million euros to build and 2 mil. to maintain, it cover 20 acres or some ridiculous number like that. 66 MILLION GALLONS OF Water. Unbe-fucking-lievable.
I'm going to Chile to swim in this thing, and can I just say that when I say this picture I thought it was a BEACH.

Maria's goodbye & a local gathering at bgda.

yeah I love my hat, get over it.

Shouts to Mr. Beard for putting me on tonight, my night would have been boring and uneventful aka nothing out of the norm ;). Thanks for inviting me! and an interview of infamous Boston crew will be done soon, bet your bottomtop dollar.

speaking of bgda:
I need this in my life, for .... research...

we got his ear pierced

he's a happy camper!

getcha Christmas spirit on.

but make sure to

keep it merry raw.