Baby I'm Good All By Myself.

But baby you, you make me better.
throwback chyea.

Greetings all!

I'm getting back into the swing of things not to worry, not that many of you really do, or I guess a few of you do, because I've been getting some press for new posts and what not. I've just been overwhelmed with stuff <-- non important things mostly. School is starting to feel less and less appealing, I mean the thought of living there for another 3 years and a half is just utterly depressing, and is not going to happen. I refuse.

I keep forgetting to document things like idk my life, so trust and believe that I'll be taking a lot more pictures once it starts to get warm, it's just that the winter months are dreadful for a plethora of reasons, one of the main ones being that it's fucking frigid out and no one wants to leave their warm bed, especially if there's food within an arm's length. But I'll try my darnedest.


homegirl from Buffy aka Michelle T for Complex Mag. I think the shots are just iiight not too shabby but I've seen better, just my honest opinion, and if you don't like it well, that's your biz.

I cannot wait for Chinese New Year. Not only is the food amazing but red envelopes are your friend. Here's Nike's take on the year of the Tiger.

I love CGI. I hope you guys remember those kickass nestea commercials with the snowman who have a very large libido for a man with melting body parts.

alright the moment has arrived, the iTampon hehe. Before I shit on the iPad I'm just gunna throw this out there : iPhone anyone?
First off did they not get the notion that the macbook air(less) failed due to the fact that it did not come with enough components that come standard on NORMAL laptops. I mean for Christ sake, okay I agree that web browsing and reading the paper and all that jazz would be fucking cool, but other than that I'll take my PC thank you, all you apple lover can suck on your 64 gig iTampon.

my opinion in a nutshell:

this looks really cool. ::sigh::


And what I do, act more stupidly, Louis Vuitton Fall 2010!

I got fly threads, for my fly hangers.
clip a pair of wings today from HERE

For all you men out there stop spending all your loot on glassware to get lifted, drop it on pieces like these and get your pants shifted. =)

Drake Drizzy Do Me. For Complex I cannot wait.

You can now customize your own, yes your own pair of Alpha J's on Nike iD, of course there had to be a catch and it's that only 23 pairs are allowed to be made a day so if you want a pair go on at midnight =)

remember the iPod table I posted about, well there's a reaaaallly cool bookcase/shelf thing that comes from the same artist! check it

uhhhhh please download this kthxbye.

Cheetah's are rad, but I'm more of a Jaguar type of gal.

You guys know or should by now that I love neat/odd things to cook in/eat out of. I wanna cook soup in this asap.

C.Tracy is at it again, this girl has a dope bod, I gotta admit it.

I want these shelves some where in my abode. I'd paint them violet though, no doubt about it.

interesting concept, cept I would probably never buy it.

for all of my new readers, and all my old readers, I less than three you.

Not only is this tea in a mug that I will buy for my future home, but the concept of making tea in a sub is fucking dope.

I might wanna do it in this mug though. Just for kicks, ya hear me?

Serena my girl boy

Jersey Shore is planning on going for round two.....someone save us. Guido round 2 baby ::fist pump::

RiRi for WMag.

the fact that they're making Monopoly round now, means that I'm actually getting older, I'm scared.

I wantneed a set.

he looks too realistic dude.

I'm gunna hang my jackets on the following:

Kk I'm gunna get back to work/ contemplate ways of getting people to not come in to buy iced cream in sub freezing weather.

Then again I may just go play some CS while wishing I had these:

keep it raw.