It's About That Time.

Greetings readers.
I know I kinda fell of the map for the month of January, but in all honesty that month blew, and it just wasn't good lol. Not really much else that I can say about it. But trust and believe that I will do my best to bring the hotness at least three times a week, if not more.

My cousin Rob has officially left for combat training, we're all praying for him.
So we might've decided to go to Mohegan sun last Sat. nbd. Drinks and gambling what more could you ask for?

we miss you Rob, come home safe.

It should be a law, that you are to travel to the RIGHT in all public settings. One because not only do I constantly fall victim to others pommeling me with their bags but apparently I look like a person that loves to get straight d-bowed while walking. WTBS [what the bull shit], fucks no I don't want you walking at high speeds and pursuing a course that involves my shoulder, and I hate the whole awkward chicken dance crap that ensues when the moron on the left decides to go right, like comeon now, walk to the right please?

On a happier note I finally got a chance to try that chocolate milk that I wanted to from Whole Foods!!!! Not only was the entire bottle gone in two days, but it was infinitely cooler than expected:

Dude I fucking miss my friends. School just ain't the same without em'

I lovelovelove Aubrey Drake Graham. Here's a snippet of his performance with F Baby and B Rabbit.

Awww poor Lady, lost to a boring twenty year old country/pop singer, I know what you're thinking, she's boring, then again she has a Grammy for Album of the year....and you...don't.

for all those who are fans on traveling , this here is a vid filmed in Dubai, enjoy!

Benz GL 63
I mean I get the concept that Mercedes is tryna get at, I and the rest of America get it. Luxury shit we know. But this is just a tad bit ridiculous.

This goes out to anyone who, like me, is not a fan on relationships. You guys all know I hate labels they fucking ruin everything, if you and that other person know where things are at, what the point of them. Facebook, gossipers, AIM, classmates, frenemies, whathave you they can all screw. Another reason why I was never really a huge fan on them, maybe it's because I have commitment issues...or maybe it's because people , generally, suck ball sack. We're alllll too fucking predictable, to the point where we can't stand being around the same person all the time. Luckily I've found people in life that excite me, in many ways, take that as you will, sexual innuendos and all. But <--- [ yeah I start with conjuctions, sue me ] once you find people that you don't get sick of and more importantly don't want terrible/inhumane things to happen to, keep them close, label it if you will. Cuz it's a big world out there, and it's filled with ugly, you can't always read people as easily as you'd like to think.

I loved Rihanna's dress though, not even gunna lie.

I'm determined to get a haircut, do I know the desired length? nope. Do I plan on going in and just winging it? Yessir.
Not a fanna her, but I like her do.

Digital Rubik's cube? meh doesn't really appeal to me, there's nothing like having the satisfaction of finishing a jumbled cube, whether you rearranged the stickers or not ;)

haha is it just me or when guys say "I'm bouta break me offa piece uh that assss man", do other people have a mental image that looks similar to this one, cuz this shit is on point, .blank<---point blank

These will be added to my collection, no doubt about it.

This weekend is about what I feel like doing, fuck it. It'd be a little sweeter if I could crack bottles....with this though.

I don't even read books but for some reason I really wanna fill my future bookshelves with books and have these as book ends. (o:3

I need this shirt in my life.

Haze is a G, I love his work. There's a new Stussy store opening in Tokyo, so he decided to bless the store with his talent.

boooo, these kickass lamps are only available in Hong Kong. Rawr.

Oreo VI's? Somebody grab me a glass of milk por favor.

lmfao, if this doesn't make you wanna buy some jeans idk what to tell you.

That's it for now, expect a Kibtastic,[ you like that huh? haha] exclusive in the near post future.

keep it raw.