That Girl Is So Wired.

But ooo she on FIYAH.

it's two thirty in the morning and I'm still not tired. Currently sitting with the man of the hour day [ace], Chef Angel, and Miguel. Not only did we witness some dumbass burn his coat on a stove -_- but there was just a long list of hilarious events that happened shortly after.

I lovelovelove. this piece. I need this in my future home.

I want this jacket fucking terribadly.Like if someone were to offer it to me if I had to eat a large amount of butter or something extreme like that, I would. Without a doubt.

baby this is for you.

For all my single ladies, I hope you find someone who thinks about you twenty fo seven three sixty five. Because you deserve it. Not only does every woman deserve someone who is willing to do anything for them, but finding someone who loves you is incredible .blank
I fucking loathe Valentine's day though, so don't get it twisted.

If a guy were to give me this on Valentine's Day, I would tell him to have my children, and proceed to mount him.

fuck a Lady G.

Angelina you are a goddess.

Kobe when are you gunna get it, yes you're good at ball, no you're like not good at everything else.
Example number one: having sex with minors.

dude even these birds have more skill than you.

Crooks and Castles spring 2010

If I had a mac liked macs, I'd get this sticker. I have the urge to stick this on every Macbook I see.

holy shit that's scary.

Snooki from Jersey Shore, gets a make over.

Jessica Biel is haaaaaaht. I don't give a damn what you think.

Beyonce launched a new scent, and she looks gorgeous.

I comb my hair often, and would really appreciate it if I received this in the near future. kthxbai

I'm buying one of these asap, aka when they become available they're similar to the platypus ones my cousins have. Either or really.

I will be this for halloween next year, trust and believe that ish.

Christopher Wilson, I love this one.

eggs from TrueBlood aka Mehcad Brooks. Gaaaah. Do me.

Okay, I'm really done this time.

Goodnight world.

keep it classy.