Let's Fu-cking Lose It.

Get outta your mind. Fuck that shit, get outta your mind.

Currently contemplating at work. My camera is broken fml. I'm just waiting until I get enoughs dough to buys me a new one. I've been trying my best to go with the flow, ya know let the good and bad balance itself out, but it's like no matter how hard I try shit always hits the fan, and I'm the one left cleaning everything. You try to be considerate, but no one's stops to think about you. But I just take everything in stride, cuz life's far too short for Bolshevism like that.

I've also come to the realization that the closer you get towards another person the more you have to level with them. Which as annoying as it may seem, is part of any real relationship whether it be between friends or people who are more than that. You get pissed, they get pissed, then you realize that you love each other and you laugh about it.

It's not even Monday and I'm ready for the weekend. Yeahyeahyeah I know Valentine's Day is coming, whatcha gunna do Kibbee?! idk , why don't you ask me and find out suckaz ;)

ASK ME ASK MEaskaskask.me.

Despite failed attempts at seeing a movie this weekend, this brightened my night a bit.

All Black Errthang. Talk about calling attention to yourself.

lmfao. iGag, I fucking love Matt G

I want my stationary to look like this, with a map of my house of course.

When things start to build up I wish I had a jet pack sometimes, that way I could just gtfo of there really fast, and I wouldn't have to deal with crap. Anyone else agree?

I need these for my beverages, not only would I feel like a goddess drinking a G&T with one of these, but it would definitely freak people out, aka my goal in life (sometimes).

Hello Kitty is the future!

hello kitty titty.

I love her attire. I think I'm gunna dress up this week, for shitsngiggles.

Dude if I liked ketchup/catsup, I'd be thrilled, fuck it I am thrilled and I don't even like the stuff, but for some reason it looks really appealing.

lmfao this is far too funny.

meh I'm done for night, take care, stay warm

keep it raw.