Return Of The Mack.

You said you'd nevah turn on me.

Leaving for NY tonight aka after this shift. So there'll probably be a lack of post from now until Friday...? hehe miso solly.

DIY: Furniture. Pretty much you can get peeved at your furniture and use the mallet (provided), to bang your hollow cube of steel into a comfy chair? I love the concept.

Uh can I just say that this guy writes with his eyes. NBD.
check it out.

The Eyewriter from Evan Roth on Vimeo.

M. Clayton, you make me want to relive my childhood, and do these things to my Barbies.


I love them all, fuck Barbie.

Is it just me or does this not look like an okay idea, just saying, I mean people in clubs will get entirely way too FUCKED UP. On that note, put me down for like a box or two. ;)

Angelina you look gorgeous. If you disagree, that's coo, just accept it when I kindly tell you to gtfokthxbye. mmkay pumpkin? :o)

uhhhh get me one a couple of these nao. It's a light projector that you can either use to project a keyboard or the actual screen, the neat thing about it is that it's touch sensitive baby. BOOYAH. check it out more here.

babe this ones for you: it's a cell phone that runs on Coke, well more like any sugary carbonated beverage, pretty sweet ay? [you like that pun, I know you do]

Motorola Backflip Android Phizone- no thanks.

I'm buying these. This is something I would come up with, although I doubt it would ever be mass produced because I R far too lazy. Not sure where to buy them but they're a must for the apartment.

Jersey Shore gone completely wrong. See what happens when you're a guido?!
These pics. scream D-BAG.

I'm going to have a Savannah Cat, if it kills me. Cross between a sevral and a domestic cat.

Ligers and Zebroids.

Oh GaGa...

this concept is freaken dope, transparent screen, uh please do me?
courtesy of amoled


130 via Peregrine

I love making this face =P

this tat is phat. Wouldn't get it but I would get something like it ya digg??!

this sums up what my wedding would be like.

more hilarious shots:

I'm currently at work and I decided to look up weird ice cream flavors, and I thought ours were weird. Our : cereal cream [tastes like soggy frosted flakes], chocolate Sargent pepper [chocolate with cayenne pepper], khulfi [cardamon, pistachio], were odd.


viagra? wtf I didn't know viagra had a flavor...

black sesame?

potato, oddly that looks kinda .... good? Thanksgiving much?


keep it warm.