We Don't Buy No Drinks At The Bar.

We POP CHAMPAGNE [pronounced sham-pag-nee, or as some like to call it sham-pag-en]
cuz we got THAT DOUGH.

Oh how I love our excursions Marah.

"On a scale from one to HO, how slutty do I look?"
- whahddyah talkin about, ya look fine :o)

So after being harassed for a night, we've decided to never go back to that part of mass again, the end.

On another note, we've also come to the conclusion that all men are idiots, I already knew this actually, but I just thought I'd throw that out there. Oh, and we hate skanks who try to steal men from other women. One for the obvious reason, but mostly because that forces others to expend energy on useless petty bullshit ie: me explaining these terribad scenarios.

So with that said goodnight.

keep it raw classy. ladies.