I Got A Million Ways To Get It

Choose one.

Thought I'd surprise you fools with a mid day post yallll

This video was eerie and fuck but the message was brilliant, and I'd be one of the drop-outs fa sho, but I would definitely not get caught being different (o:3

Drop Out from Rafael Mayrhofer on Vimeo.

I'm so down to play this once it gets warm.
h2o balloon roulette FTMFW

I recently bought the smaller bottle for myself, it's made of glass, I thought it'd be super cool to use for colorful drinks, I mean who doesn't want a glass water bottle. PLUS it's reusable, not that I really drink much water anyway...

I bought these for his parents but I secretly well ex secretly now, plan on buying us a set too :o)
like I said before, I lovelovelove.love mugs.

I'll take three of these with the letters K for my name of course and F and a U for when I'm feeling feisty which is pretty much everyday of my life.

they're out of stock, WTF

this is neat-o too , but looks awfully heavy,not that I mind, I used to be obsessed with cool rocks as a child: never collected them though.

meh the Nexus One can suck it. I'm good without a track ball thank you.

this is for you guys who like to brag about the size of your manhood.

It's supposed to rain but all I see is sun, sun, Mr. Golden Sun, please shine down on--- sorry Barney moment. This umbrelly prevents painful poking!!!! And I know that you know what I'm talking about because we've all been poked by that asshole who refused to lift their umbrella while passing people on sidewalks because they have too much self pride/are douchebags and expect you to move out of their way, shit hurts.

Lee's Burgers was in the Boston Globe!!!!
"SANDRA LEE works the cash register, ever helpful, always smiling. "

check us out yo!
San at work!!!

Someone asked me what I keep in my bag, and my favorite FAQ What don't you have in there, I recently dumped alotta stuff out but here's what was in it from last night.

better shot

see!!! nothing too too crazy.

spacejams revealed

my mom is so cute, she loves buying miniature stuffs, and I lovelovelove eating thems.

proof that it's tiny

alright I'm gunna nap for a bit.

keep it OG.