Happy Sunday Day!

I've never been a fan of Valentine's Day, I think its initial purpose is great, a chance to look at where you stand in your relationship. But my opinion is why do you need a national holiday to do something nice, or express your feelings n whatnot. Ya feel me?
I mean, in my eyes, this day semi-forces people to get together for all the wrong reasons, for lust not love. But that's just me, for those who love this day my heart goes out to you.

Happy Valentine's Day.

hope this makes you laugh, I know I did.

this is for you though.

this is my definition of getting lifted. take it or leave it
I feel like if you're gunna do something like smoke or drink, do it cuz you want to, don't do it to hold your relationships together. Shiieht. But that's just me baby, that's just me.

free your mind. haha this had me staring for about 7 minutes.....sober.

What turns you on?
* A nice body, not too buff though, not tryna date Ahnahld.
* Hair pulling and such.
* Passionate kisses at random times/in random places
* Surprises of all sorts [the good kind mostly]
* Someone who knows how to cook.
* A guy that can dress, but NOT better than me haha , the occasional dressing up is nice too
* If you wear tims and it makes me want to do you more that's usually a good thing.

These speakers are too cute for words, I want them now. Dear Santa, please put these on my bed at some point, thanks. GET EM HEA'

GET UP. - Nike. I like this.

Human Chain from NikeSportswear on Vimeo.

I find this to be extremely hilarious, if you don't well then you suck. Sue me.

I miss playing ball, and with one of these glow in the dark nets it would make ballin' up a tad bit easier, agreed?

Ross Brown, I like you. And these photographs.

I really don't like Doc Martens, but I love comme des garcons.
To clarify me and my co-worker Joe :o) like the ones on the left, sin-the spikes on the toe.

Kid Cudi I digg your steez.

I'm fucking pissed I can't find my size in these. SADFACE.

Sorry the nature of this post has started to get a tad bit angry. It's because of shit that's going on at work aka people not fucking doing their job and making us look like toolbags.
fuck you, you guy.

blah, keep it raw.

happy v-day, peace.