Let's Fade To Black.

Don't stay up for me, don't wait up for me, if I'm not home.
words I hope to never say to you.

I need to find something to out source some of this bullshit. Can't wait till the weather gets nicer, tennis all day baby.

Ever feel this emotion of needing someone, even though you don't fucking want to? yeah, fuck me. I hate that shit. That's not who I am, not saying I'm a heartless bitch, but my independence is lacking which is fucking with my psyche<---- if you could call it that. This is changing, now. It's not really an issue of needing someone I've come to the realization that it's the proximity. Not saying I'm gunna distance myself, but I might have to create some room. Distance is the best medicine right now, cuz it's poisoning shit. Agree? Disagree? that's your own bid. formspring me with whatever pops into your head , I swear I'll respond!

this shit is trippy as hell.

okay I understand that you're trying to get over CB but the dancing in this has got to go.

When I think of smoking this does not come to mind. sorry but no.
let's try a shirt with boob coverage and a different setting please. (o:3

please don't turn out like this:

Lady Gaga you are so crazy. I kinda love it. Not even gunna lie.

As if American Apparel couldn't get any skeevy-er.

If I used pencils that needed sharpening I would use this sharpener alllllll day mothafuckah. I used a mechanical pencil on the SAT's just because I felt like it, despite the whole "if you use one, your test may not be scored correctly" bullshit.

Touché Mothafucka!!!! I really like this concept, I don't say it often with the motherfucker part tacked on the end, but maybe if I were wearing this sweatshirt I would.

Is it just me? Strange things turn me on...in the sense that they're different not sexually...I'm gunna stop before I dig myself an even deeper hole <---- ha. I want to live here.

LBJ/Dwight H. McD's commercial.

as cool as I think this concept is, it would not be practical at all. But I still want them somewhere in my life at some point, maybe in the pantry? haha

I want to buy this nowza.

Dude! this guy is the first to get open heart surgery while completely awake. If that's not insane idk what is.

roflcopter. THUGIE bitchez.

dude this lamp has a really cool concept, you break it until you get the desired light amount, which is pretty neat-o. Yet knowing me I'd probably just break the whole damn thing because it seemed like a good idea at the time.

this is fucking hilarious, if you don't think so, well I'm sorry to inform you that you suck =)
just kidding I don't really mean that.

this duffel bag (if it came in black) would be purchased at this very moment. I mean it has a separate compartment for shoes and such. $345.00 though.

this is by far the coolest hearing aid ever. I'm trying to convince my grandpa to get them, yet for some reason I don't think a ninety year old black man is going to want his ears gauged , sadface.

Okay is it just me or does anyone else hate this feeling too:
say you're buying something to eat, and in the midst of your order the employee rudely interrupts to say "WHAT?!" you all know the kind of what that I'm talking about, in your head you're saying wtf. but you repeat your order again anyway. yeah I hate that crap, just thought I would share that lol.

don't forget to formspring me with any questions/comments or what have you.

that's it for now! I promise I'll get a new camera soon to update what's been going on in my life.

keep it raw baby.