Mister Sun, Sun.

Ay bay bay.
Okay so it's been ages, yadda yadda yadda. I'm here now. (o:3 <--- happy bunny!

I'm a happy Kibbeefish! It's nice out and I cannot wait to stroll down Bury Street.
let's see...

this past weekend I semi-kicked ass at boston bowl, but of course Lee decided to bust out the big guns and get about 98137 strikes. phail whale.

We've come to the conclusion that people suck, tell me something I didn't know right ?
haha but seriously, just be your fucking self, why is everyone so hell bent on the fuck what everyone thinks about them. The fuck who cares?!, I thought that sentence would sound better that way instead of who the fuck cares ya dig? but that's just me.

Dude Spring needs to hurry it's fine ass up, I hate how both the sun and the weather is being a tease right now. I just want it to be hot enough so that I can grab a jacket, but if I somehow happen to forget [which I do often], theeehn it's all good cuz the sun will keep me warmy, and at night I'll be feelin' nice so the cold won't faze me, good mindset no?

I freaken need to play tennis, before all of my frustrations implode.

note to self, write a manual on the female sex, make it readable for both men but mostly for other fucking women. kthxbai. <--- this is on the tippity-top of my tah doodoo list.


I want this photo on my wall, I also want a goddamn camera so I can make time stay still, even if it's just for an instant.

Not just tonight, but the rest of your life.

Men need to understand that women are a lot, and when I say a lot I mean a boatload more understanding, well the good ones are. If you fuck up, we're usually the ones that put it behind us, not to be mean but you all mess up frequently, it's only human nature men. When you say you're going to do something, man the fuck up and do it. Because there's something inside of us that wants to believe the best in you, and it sucks when you take that for granted. I guess you could say that's the intro to my projecto.
sit back and take notes.

uhhh do me, that is all. Mostly the man on the left though, the neighbors will know his name by the end of the night that's for damn sure.

this video though.....jeezahss.


this too

I want this shirt. I would wear it to work, despite the fact that I serve iced cream to little kids, okay so maybe I'd wear it under another shirt so I could feel like a bamf ,badass mother fucker, allll day , secretly, well ex-secretly now. You catch my drift.

piss me off and respect the revolver.

Oh how I miss M. Jackson, I still can't believe he's gone.... fuck up if you didn't like him

errrrr illuminati much?

this photo is beyond dope. went to the hooker hookah bah yesterday with my twin, it was lovely.

I wanna go surfing, sigh.

Lady Gaga you are too much, why the hell are all of your songs so goddamn catchy?!?!?! rawr^217838123

I'm impartial on how I feel about this....

oh hey I'm kid cudi.

J. Wagner, fuck me sideways I love your photos.

hahahahaahaha, that's exactly what he said.

I hope it's chocolate.

I need these table clothes.

dude this one totally encourages spilling, aka for me to be myself at dinner, cuz I end up spilling everything.


RIP Biggie.

give it to me give it to me give it to me.

take heed to this.

idk about the whole one stall rule but this is pretty fucking hilarious.

lego my eggo.

I love drawing in pen. These are unreal.

marry me?

Audrina P. she haht I suppose.

siiiick high speed photo.

o-o-ok, i got this chrome on this bugatti
Im strong in this bugatti
2 v8's aint no such thing as driving calm in this bugatti

I want need this lamp in my apartment.

That's it for now, I'm headed to the big city.

keep it raw.