April Twentieth

It's just another day in April, grow the fuck up.

I see it as either you smoke or you don't, why the hell does everyone feel the need to go hard today?!

shit catch me tmrw son, then we'll talk.

i kid, sorta.


I'm going to buy this buying this right now, the concept is something I cannot.will not. am not. passing up. Okay so I lied...but if it wasn't so damn expensive this would be on my wrist no doubt. Yes for all you grass people it comes with a jar/grinder, and yes the watch is PURP.le (:
cop it here.

I'm not a fan of Oakley shades, but I guess whatever floats your boat right? or blocks your shade? fuckit idk. I like the white ones. They designed by that snowboarder dude Shaun White, meh.

I love this idea, cuz I hate the tired feeling my legs get from sitting cross-legged on the ground for too long. And if ya don't know what I'm talking about just go sit on the ground and wait for something allllllll night long.

I opened the Lam-bor-ghini. Yacht? I wouldn't want one of these, but it'd be pretty cool to take a ride in one, do a little fishing, a little swimming, drinking, eating, living.

get in my BELLEH.

this cake looks fucking amazing, plus the layers are extremely neat <--- always a plus.

I love my burgers just like this.

I love watching shows that I watched as kid now cuz all the years I spent "growing" up, made me miss them:

for my fellow sneaker fanatics. whatchu know about them boxes?

(o:3 I'd like to taste all of these please! mainly because the colors are cool....

hey guy, I like your style.

word G.

I think cats are the better of the two animals (dogs), but I love dogs too.

golden labs, huskies, other dogs two but those are my favorites.


The Simpsons were a big part of my childhood, used to watch that show religiously, and then pretty much after I got into high school, Matt G. ran out of ideas. sadface.

well this is always a sight to see, nothing says four twenty like this picture. ;)

this is inspiring.

I really wish I had a camera like this one, but meh I'd probably a) lose it b) drop it and three, break it, from dropping it too much

I HATE YOU STEVE JOBS. stop coming out with new iPhones. 4G...it sounds tempting no lie, but my cheapass is not tryna give that man any more money than I already do. f that.


patron HEIN. on ice psh. cannot wait for this weekend kid, that and allllllll the weekends this summer.

I wanna transfer my music in one uh deeeez dough.



hehe I miss Chahlay Brown. he reminds me of thanksgiving!

I love the new ad campaign

iLike this shirt.

tee hee

I remember when I used to take the middle out of Oreos and force my mom to eat the other part, luckily I don't do that anymore....

zomg, I need milk right NOW. I should also read expiration dates more closely before dunking my Oreos in them -_-

Okay last one for today, although I still think it's the same as any other day.

Straight DIESEL on em.sour.

take me with you

keep it raw.