Hearing Damage.

Been listening to the same songs over and over and overoverover.

I should be writing my research paper, but why would I wanna sleep tonight, right?

I always wanted to do something like this, maybe not with a goat but something along those lines.

the new mt. rushmore.

I NEED THIS. right now.

I love these shots.

when I get a place to live I'll grab me one of these, peace out windex.
it's an ionator? anyway it changes water into a cleaning agent, pretty nifty.

Olivia Munn for Complex mag

uhhhhh wtf are you doing USA... stick to the old benji's. Not that I have many of them anyway but if I did I wouldn't want people knowing. Look how big the hundred is, CHILLLLLLL.

I want to hit people in the face with this board, sue me.

meh. Erik I don't know why you picked pink....go Thailand?

mmmmm sandwich.

can no longer function.

whenever I speak to your family it kills me inside. cuz it reminds me all over again.

keep it raw blissful.