Beauty In The Breakdown.

"Somehow I told ya so, just doesn't quite say it" - I Robot.

Today went in two directions, on one hand I found someone at this god forsaken hell hole <--- jk, sorta not really, that I can relate to, at least when it comes to the being "mixed" thing. Yet it took another turn, that although was semi-expected, somehow still I found myself not being fucking prepared, not that you're ever prepared for these things.

I had the urge and multiple opportunities to go out tonight to try to put this past me, but of course the stronger side of me the one who I find myself listening to a lot more now that I'm semi-on-my-own (except not really yet) told me that getting through it without the help of anything or anyone is the best thing right now, I feel like it's always the best thing. I feel that people should at least attempt to get through things on their own instead of using vices or people to temporarily rid them of their problems. When you can do those things that yes, may help you out in the moment, without needing them when you feel like you need them the most, then you're living. People forget sometimes that there's stuff in this world to temporarily "enhance" your life, not alter it completely, and offset your OWN reality.

This is the time I find, where it's make it or break it. There's no one here that's gunna hold your fucking hand so get off your ass and do it your damn self, no one's here to wait on you hand and foot, nor is anyone here to put shit on a silver platter. I find myself for the first time in my life, truly thanking my parents for everything they've done. They said this day would come, I just never though it would be so soon.

Thank you Mom & Dad, from the bottom my whole heart.