Got My Mind On My Money Honey.

I dyed my hair blonde last night. <--- it was time for a change.

Finally the weather seems to be looking like it's turning up, and when I say that, I mean that at least it's not raining haha, but seriously though.

Okay so I failed at posting yesterday when I got back. (ooooops).
It's still taking me a while to get back into the swing uh thangs, but not to fret, I'm trying my best to deal with school, work, life, etc. ya know how it go.

guessssssss guessed it, I got me a new camera baby. So pretty much just expect a flood of images, mostly of me and people I know being camera whores. (o:3

interesting story, while picking up my package at the post office, you know how there's a bell at stores that you ring "for service", well is it just me, or does anyone else feel incredibly bad about ringing it. Shit I know I do, this kid in front of me looked at me for approval actually, idk just thought it was funny. KABLAAAAM.

Not a big fan of this song, but here's the video for those who may be.

Enjoy playas!

I love the concept of these.
SKUNKS: the colorway....meh....I've gotten over it, I get where they were going with the purple haze thing, but I really don't like the whole kush suede thing. Although it matches the concept idk that's just me. The orange stitching <--- nice touch Nike. " I got that good, that bad, that fire. " plus they got a hidden pocket on the tongue for all you ganja aficionados.

ever wish you could be like that dude, and have everything you touch turn to gold? or at least the stuff you eat anyway? Well apparently now you can, finna go buy me like 81273 cans.
bling-blingin' baby. Comes in silvah too. cop em hea'

I'm pretty tall [even though I really don't think so], so I usually don't have to look up that much when I go out, but this does seem like a pretty ingenius idea. Have people allllll be the same height, I can digg it.

she hot, I'd hit it.

haha I really like this shirt, I wasn't much of an ET fan growing up, therefore it's not wrong for me to laugh hysterically at this errtime I see it. (:

for all you hello kitty lovers.

jk I like her too, well I did more when I was a kid, but I still find stickers and little small, very Asian, things to be quite cute.

I need this hanger for my future abode. Sweeeeet 8-bit, I know. twenty bones

Oh how I wish my mom's Buick was like this one, then I wouldn't mind driving it so much ;). Just kidding mommy.

these flash drives are illnasty.
" I can do the Star Trek sign, see?!"

me and Ace, yes me and Ace, I don't give a damn , psh I know it's supposed to be Ace & I. were talking about amusement rides and parks and all that biz the other night. And after seeing this, I wanna do one of two things go to Six Flags, and ride this motherlover. shit's in Brazil though.

I really hope this is real.
Cardboard record player?!?!??!?!?!!!

lmfao instant pockets, I always thought about this actually like "you know what I need right now...a fucking pocket" no joke though, in all seriousness, cuz there have been times where my clothes have not come with adequate pocketing. 7 dollars though, I think I'd rather run the risk of losing my shit thank you.

this clock rules.

uhhhhhhhhhhh VILF. Alllll I gotta say. seventy- three days.

I would so live in this boat. As long as I had Wi-Fi, TV, and a fridge I'm set.

member how I said I wouldn't get a tattoo, well I might be inclined to get one of these.
UV tats baby. haha jk but the idea is dope.

this is the only use I see the iTampon having in real life.

I needneed.need.willkilltohave. a pair of these.
carbon fiber chopsticks.....they're a buck fiddy, so maybe I'll buy them when I has a real jobs.

errr I thought these glasses were neat...until I saw the spider part.

we alllll babies hea'

we need these in the US
they change the sheet for you, and you can rent them from 15 mins to hoursss

this summer, if you're down for a water fight, two words. BRING IT.

ahhhh okay so my twin and I were out one day and I kept telling her that I couldn't find what I was looking for, I finally fucking found it. It's a carton of four eggs two chocolate two vanilla, and they come with these spoons, so if anyone knows where the hell to get them. CALL ME. CONTACT ME. SLAP ME. MESSAGE ME.

also, after going to Amsterdam, I want 819378123721 rolls of these.

hahahah I would never dye my hair sillies.
Happy April Fools. stay on ya toes.

keep it raw cooked.