Bout To Be All Set.

Well, I start to find that I can't get your smoke out of my eyes. I guess I lose. I guess you win.

who the fuck are yall?

Drake, give me my money back kthxbye.

love the concept, hate the contents.

I need these shower curtains for my future abode. I'll probably have about 8934701 heart attacks, but it's alllll worth it if I scare the shit out of just one guest. call me psycho?

remember these?!!!

I fucking love these, every time I try to explain them to people, they give me the weirdest look, and think I'm like five years old -_- <--- carecup empty broken.

light graffiti (o:

give me this kitchen!

I came here by myself, tonight,
cuz he wouldn't pick up the phone.
He was supposed to bring me here tonight,
couldn't find him, so I came alone.

I re-read things I've written in the past few weeks, I'll send them to you one day.

keep it raw.