Sick of This.

music is my fucking savior, there was a time when you used to be though. fuck it.

I just want finals to be over so I can gtfo of this place.
It reminds me of too much bull shit that I had to put up with for no good reason, and I no longer have the patience/energy to deal with it. Yeah I'm complaining, and I don't give a damn. I have a fever and a paper to do, someone shoot me.

watchin the playoffs and writing this crap.

just a few more days kib, just a few more.

keep it focused.

Look, leave me leave me,
I can't fuh-cking stand you,
wish I had the cuh-ridge to say ehv-ree-thing I planned to.
My boyfriend, my boyfriend, call himself my boyfriend.
Tell me we pose to be to-geh-thur till' the world end but,
I don't really feel that.
I just really wanna turn the wheels back.
Give you all your hoodies and your gifts back,
give you the time to heal that.

Drake you save me.