I've Got Some Issues That No-buh-dee Can See.

I try to play it cool, but I'm burning to pieces on the inside.

the amount of work I have due for tmrw is disgusting, I really need to stop waiting until the last possible minute. fml.

you used me, but the jokes on you. I could've showed you so much more.

I need someone to:
- not need me all the time.
- chill with their own crew and do hood rat thing with their friends.
- be sarcastic.
- shoot me straight.
- love my mind.
- bring out the best in me.
- bring out the worst in me.
- know I'd do anything for them.
- know they don't have to ask me.
- understand, I'm woman enough to let you go do you.
- understand, I'm woman enough to do me too.
- race me to finish.
- never let me win just because I'm a girl.
- plant the bomb, so I can defuse it, or vice versa.
- know I'm down for anything.
- know I don't judge.
- appreciate shit.
- fuck with me so I crack a smile.
- know their problems become mine.
- know there are some I can't solve.
- be there through anything.
- knows I would never give anything back, that's given to me.
- know if they need time, I'll be here.

been listening to the remix of this song with Drake on repeat for the past couple of days, I never get sick of it. that and Higher by Mr. West<---- I love the lyrics to that song.

You could teach me many things
I'm just scared to learn a lesson.
And as for you I think I know you're the one
The closest I've come
I'm probably...
A little bit, a little bit, a little bit in love with you

Be the person you set out to be, not for anyone else, but for your self.

I lovelovelove that dress, maybe minus that flower thingy.

pretty much what I do errday, minus the partying.

oh hey smart guy, when the hell did you grow up?!

everything about this picture turns me on.


my cousin got me the mug I wanted for christmas!!! Yes, I know it's quite a few months late, but that's just how my family is. Time doesn't matter as long as your heart's in the right place.

oooh! and a reusable bag made from chip bags! some people would say she got me a trash bag, and I'd tell those people to kindly fuck off. (:

thanks juice!! please note the two different colored flippy flaw-pez.

just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, they don't! look at this lighter, I wanna use this rightnow.nownow.now. don't mind my terribad nails.

finally got my stussy's too. not really a fan of pink, but I have a sweet baseball cap that I've been dying to bust out. Which reminds me that I'd like to go to a baseball game!

excuse me while I pick my jaw up. and I'm not really a fan of beamers eitha.


I love this art series. I miss sketching, finna buy a pad this weekend yo.

came across this today (:

never been, I wanna take a road trip there to get some, that and to walk on the beach.

I really like her photos, margielou! she be on tumblr I think.

I wanna slow dance in the street.

tee hee

witness I love your photos.

fuck yeah.

I'd make a sign like this!

My flo is in the pocket like wallets I got the bounce like hydrolics, you can’t call it I got the swerve like alcoholics.
- and people wonder why I love music.

stop tryna be the man and become one.

show no love, love will get you killed <--- yeah OKAY fifty haha.
Love's the best thing out there, it's a drug you gotta be ready to get addicted to, cuz' once you're in , you draw the line, and there's no going back.
I love you, and I always will, and there's no changing that unfortunately .

food for thought: how I got 4 more pages to write, never again I'll probably end up putting my other paper off till' the last possible minute too.

your family and close friends are all you need

keep it raw.