I stand out, and I'm good at it.

Got back from seeing Hot Tub Time Machine, and I must say movie was pri-tee funny.
Now looking back on it, we shoulda just stayed and watched it instead of seeing Clash of The Titans haha

Truth is, if people like you, when you mess up, they'll turn the other way.

I'll share anything with you, if I think your ready.

Anywho, enjoy!

I love pillow fights. Sometimes I wish I could carry one around all day and just hit studious people in the library hehe.
I love chaos, organized chaos though, cuz I love contradiction.

Random fact:
My favorite number is two, because I feel everything worthwhile needs to be done twice, or at least a final look over. that and because my house is number two, and my birthday is on the second, a few more reasons too.

liquid sound photography, could people read my mind any more. I love it I'm tellin' you, I love it.

whoa swivel car seat??!!! sah-weet.

tee hee. ain't nuttin set in stone.... unless you use a fucking chisel.

the things I would do to get this jacket...

whoaaa, makes me wonder what the guys bathroom really looks like

today was a good day no lie.

I mean Coke and Hotdogs for dinner, what more could I ax fah?

if this was an actual product, I probably would have failed kindergarten.

you'd think a dude like Chris Brown would have a better closet.... -_-

uhhhh where's the mayo?! screw the catsup and the mustard.

hahah when I saw this, I immediately wanted to buy it. you know how I be.

I love the way our lips fit.

No idea where to get a caricature, all I know is I would really like it if someone could point me in the right direction (o: please and thank you.

not really a fan of pop tarts but I should probably get a case for my phone so I don't screw this one up too.

you're looking quite pale there miss.

do me.

this reminds me: someone go to the hookah bar with me, or the hookah bah whichever really.

I'd wear these in a heartbeat.

I'm the type of person that makes you question whether you're better than me, or if I let you win, cuz life's more fun that way! .blank. [point blank period]


a friend of mine filled out the census and had no idea which box to check for race<--- bastards!
I know I say I'm half Chinese, and half black, but I'm not half anything I'm a full fucking person.

rofl. ::fist pump:: naht.

and people wondered why I wasn't too big on building with legos...


whoaaaaaaa. I wanna make this!

people need to realize that they should be the same person on and off the court.

love is when you're willing to give up your favorite thing, but knowing the other person won't ask you to. straight up. that, and maybe fooling around near landmines, whichever's easier

keep it raw playas.