We Ride Together, We Die Together.

one of my favorite scenes:
lmfao you gettin' my daughter high?!
nigga you look thirty.
If the nigga can't fight, she can't go.
you ever make love to a man? ... you want to?

I hope one day you know.

I want to go to Amsterdam, right, now. That and Hawaii which ever I can afford, okay obviously it's Hawaii but a girl can dream, shit gimme that at least.

Time heals a lotta things, or so that's what they say, but I feel like I'm just standing here and time's going by without me, without you, without anything.

I try to be calm and maintain my composure,
but it's hard to look at the past, overexposure.
When I think of you, I wanna remember how it was,
fights and all, cuz without em' there's no love.

I just realized I've been swearing a lot lately, idk I guess I've been in a vulgar mood lately, I'm trying to be a better person too, so bare with me, shitstuff takes time, I know this, that's why I'm puttin' forth my best effort playa. Do the same, all anyone can ask for.

Watching the Magic/Cavs game as we speak. I love and 1's, all I gotta say, JJ Redick, good stuffs. My heart lies with the Celtic's through thick and thin baby. THE TRUTH. Uh so I didn't know the Magic were that good, apparently they haven't lost to a single team overall, like they've broke even with everyone at the very least. Boston....wanna follow their lead? kthxbye.

as much as I complain about work, I love working, makes me feel useful lol, idk if that's the right word, but it gives me a feeling I can't really explain. Satisfaction maybe? Anyway I got back this weekend, that gawd, cuz all this time alone with my thoughts ain't F-ing helping, I mean I know it'd good to think things through on your own, but I can't deal with it right now. Even talking about it makes me want an alcoholic beverage, or four.


keep it raw.