It's Fun To Sing At The.

What up ladies and gents?

it's hot and smokey, yes smokey, apparently there was a yuge fiyah in Quebec, and the smoke is now outside my house and has engulfed the entire Boston area, my contacts are on fire and I really just wanna go swimming. haha but other than that the day has been off to a wonderful start.

oh on a side note I just spent a hundred dollars at Walmart.... don't worry I shook my head in disbelief all the way home. We went in there to buy headphones..... -_-


First off, Gary Coleman died? whatchu talkin' bout Willis?!
Rest In Peace Gary.

I really wish I read this as a child, hell, I probably did, it would explain a lot (:

I really do hope to find this shirt one day.

oh and these tights too

Now this is what I call Hip-Hop.

what everyone should strive to be.

speaking of calm this made me laugh uncontrollably.

seeing as I saw that shortly after.

damn Justin, shiet, I'm tryna get like you. kidding sorta.

you look quite a lot like bow weezy, or so he calls himself.

only in AMERICANT. aka why I hate this place

I love kiwi's but stop buggin' me out, thank you!

this ring is the motherfucking truth, I've been searching for something like this.

I really wish I wasn't lazy cuz then I'd bake a shitton of cookies right now, of course with M&Ms, of course.

You guys make porta-potties?potty's? appealing for some reason. I can't remember the last time I used one, but you can best believe I remember why I hate using them. I'm tryna take a piss not fall into a black hole -_-

these look fucking sweet. sometimes I wish I was a guy, okay, many times. And no I don't care if that's weird to say.

I'm not really a fanna these, but this one's pretty fuckin dope. I can't even deny it.

I love you Grandma, Happy Ninetieth (o:3!!!

I really like these for some reason, I'm not sure if they're heels or not but I really do like them. Not that I haven't said that already...


Summer day off much? whoever she is, has my best interests in mind.
I love being on roofs, idk why maybe it's the whole you'll fall the fuck off if you go to close to the edge, or maybe it's the no one can see you part.

cute, yet I'm happier that we beat you. My loyalty lies with number thirty-four. and of course twenty.

ooo this looks good, well not the alcohol part, the fruit part.

I cannot wait for West's next album. Cudi's too just to see if he breaks my idea of him, I love when people do that.

lmfao too funny. For all you hardcore Trey lovers biyaaaaah.

so you guys don't hate me forever ^

I asked my friend the other day if they wanted to grab a sandwich and they said "I'm good like Megan" I slapped them not to worry.

what's your favorite cookie? Oatmeal Chocolate Chip<---- there's no better kind.

and they wonder why people call us ghetto -_- lookin' like she fell into a netted bag of highlighters....

let the laughter ensue.

I've tried this so many times, and everysinglefuckingtime it ends badly...for my desk.

clearly the one on the right.

Coffee on a stick. this blew my mind.

I shoulda bought them when I had the chance...

this puppy is really cute (:

I want to go there.

this is a marvelous sign, three in two people should carry these around.

for those of you who haven't gone rock climbing..... please go at some point.
this looks like so much fun, I'd love to race someone though, then push them off secretly, well ex-secretly now.

I hope that shit's washable...shiet. lol

tee hee, sounds like something I'd say...if I were an Italian eating a video game. I'm gunna stop now.


most girls would say awww at this, in my head, I picture my dog eating this one.

papercuts are the devil, I have one in between my fingers .... yep


love this.

I enjoy every second of reading these.